Attention gave, gives re-appearances

Wisp Wings

In one of the post I wrote yesterday I wrote saying how it was interesting to me how the individuals are aware of you giving them attention, I was referring to my posting to this group the UPP cards and writing on each of them individually in the respective threads.

First as I was typing the post for my Universal card, #49, Mik a' Muckle, if you were to read the post, at the end of it I was asking what combination of keys did I click to cause this line advancement (much like a tab set) in the literal post I was typing on. I don't know that I did click something that caused it, I only know that the words weren't filling into the post as the norm and it was strange. I felt and still do that it was Mik playing with me. Love you, you happy guy. It stopped doing that after the post was sent.

Then after sleep and the start of a new day (yesterday's day) I decided to do some readings from the oracle. I first did a one card, "Card of the Day" and I got one of my Power Cards, my Penelope (#27 Penelope Dreamweaver) in the upright position. It was such a day for this card to appear as well, but I was amazed that I had just the night before wrote in-depth of her in this forum and here she shows. I had shuffled the cards four times and then spread them out to draw from. Amazing.

The other readings I did was asking about a trip. It is an event of three days of competition of a four day trip my spouse and I will be having. The competition is on a national scale, but we will often be with a small group of people we know. Its a nice get-a-way that the two of us have looked forward to. I decided to pull three cards. They were to have no particular meaning for the positions, just three cards telling of what is in store while there. The very first one of these three was my other Power Card! I got #55, The Soul Shrinker, but in reversed. So interesting that the night before I wrote to the forum of my UPP Cards. Mik showed himself immediately, and in my very next use of the deck both of my Power Cards come to me! I believe I can understand how this card in the reverse is meant in regards to the coming occasion. A few of the people I could see being to where added care is required to keep them realizing this isn't of life and death. Some extra words of politeness and kindness to them more than likely would be needed. The majority of people there I don't know and will only see them this one time, so this could well apply to them too. The other two cards of this reading was #29, Ta'Om the Poet and #21, The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies. I believe Ta'Om has been wanting to reveal himself to me for days. Many times of late when removing the cards, cutting them, going to replace them, etc. he has made his way to being the card that is shown in these places, where I am laying eyes on him. With both these last two cards I know they are telling me we will have a wonderful time for the two of us. Not to get bogged down in competition, just relax and enjoy the vacation, kick up our heels and loads of fun.