Be inspired by the muses Spread

Astraea Aurora

Since today is the birthday of the nine muses (at least my calendar tells me that) I created a spread for them and their influence they have on us.

For those of you who can`t remember who they were, here we go: The muses are the nine greek goddesses for art and science. There is Erato (the muse for love poetry), Euterpe (for singing and instrumental music), Kalliope (for epic literature), Klio (for history), Melpomene (for tragedy), Polyhymnia (for serious singing and music), Terpsicore (for dancing), Thaleia (or Thalia) (for comedy and Urania (for astronomy).

And here is the spread ... the layout should form a chalice since the element of water is a symbol for inspiration, intuition, your inner voice and artistry. # 9 should be a star.






1. In which area have you been creativ lately?
2. In which area are you creativ at the moment?
3. In which area do you lack creativity?
4. Where are you aware of your creative bent? (consciousness)
5. Where are you unaware of your creative bent? (unconsciousness)
6. What can you do to let more creativity in your life?
7. What helps you whith it?
8. What hinders you with it?

9. The muse`s spring. This way creativity takes place in your life in general.

I hope you enjoy it. If one of you has something to add, feel free to say it.

Merry meet, Astraea Aurora


Thanks, I love it. I have several books on the muses, plus the lovely Mantegna tarot, which features them.

Astraea Aurora

Hello darwinia,

the Mantegna Tarot ... I don`t know it. Who created it? I guess it could be the perfect match for that spread. In lack of a more suitable deck I took the Secret Tarot, but maybe the Tarot Art Nouveau or the Primavera Tarot could also be lovely for it ... gentle enough for the muses.

As I gave that spread a run with my cards I noticed I didn`t use the meanings I usually do. Instead of it I went with the flow ... I suppose the muses gave it to me. I focused on what the suits mean, like the cups for the element of water - intuition, emotions, the wand for fire - growing, journeys, your own will. I also used a chart for the Majors where I had combined the archetypes and jobs that could match them, like the virgin as an archetype for the High Priestess and therefore the job of a teacher. I once did that as an exercise. Just in second row I turned to the usual meanings. And I absolutely neglected numerology which is weird because I always think of numerology when I spread the cards. But I felt very very good with it.

Hope you understand what I mean, oh man, English can be a tough language btw. Enjoy your ride with the muses!


Tried your muses spread

Hello Astrea Aurora

I Just wanted to let you know that I tried your spread which was founded on the muses. I actually found it quite helpful and revealing. I even tried it on two decks simultaneously, the Liber T and the Etruscan Tarot which is similar to the RWS.

I had very good incisive insights.

Thank you for the spread.


Thank you so much for this spread! I can't wait to try this out :) As a writer who struggles all too frequently with writers block, it seems like it address all of the things that have been on my mind lately! :D


I so need this spread for my upcoming oracle deck. Thanks a bunch Astraea Aurora :D

Astraea Aurora

Poopsie, thanks. It seems like a lot of fun to do this spread with two decks. Did you cover every position with both decks or did you split the positions?

astronautico, you're welcome.

RedOcean, let me know how it works with an oracle deck? I bet the muses will have quite a lot fun with it.

Astraea Aurora :grin:


Hi Astrea Aurora

Sorry for late response. Yup, I covered each position with both decks. I also used the spread for a friend using both decks and it does work. It's quite interesting because the spread itself allows surfacing of answers to questions I sometimes have difficult finding answers to. And I also think the decks I used were quite compatible -- Etruscan and Thoth.

Great spread. I actually use it as one of my weekly rituals. Thanks so much again.


Just did this spread. I feel very challenged by it, I'm having trouble making sense of it, but I can already sense that when I unlock it, it's going to be very helpful. Thank you!

Astraea Aurora

Thanks for trying it vee. If you find it challenging, try breaking it up into smaller pieces and getting a good grasp on one of them before you venture out to accomplish the other ones.

For example, you could start with cards 1 and 2, then proceed to include #3 (1+2+3), then in pairs 4+5, 3+6, 7+8 and then 9. Or start with 9, then 7+8, 1+2, 3+6 and 4+5 last.

Astraea Aurora :grin: