"Best Regards" Spread

Wisp Wings

I didn't know if it should be posted twice, but I shared a spread of mine in "Tarot Spreads". Check it out. It is one that I made some time ago originally made for use with the Faery's Oracle deck. I hope you the enjoyment from it that it has afforded me. Ohhhhhh, the name is "Best Regards" Spread.


Here is a direct link to Wisp Wings' 'Best Regards' Spread :)

I love the mushroom idea, must try it out soon.

Thank you for sharing, Wisp Wings!


Thank you Wisp Wings, I 've copied it down and must try it soon! I love the mushroom shape it fits in nicely with the faeries doesn't it? Thanks again. :D


I did this and had exciting cards pop up--all about exciting ideas, wild creativity, and change (which I like). I will post my mushroom in Readings.

Wisp Wings

You are welcome all. :)

Savoyali thank you for thinking to add the direct link. I appreciate your doing that.

ScaabFlight, yes it does fit nicely with the faeries. Visions of faes and gnomes next to the dampness of Mother Earth I feel lead me to making this spread. Plus so very many of Frouds paintings have mushrooms in them. Faery rings and mushroom rings are gathering places.

Imagemaker, (laughing here) sounds like your first reading with this spread really was a mushrooming experience!

Again thank you and most welcomed to each of you that have and will read and use this spread. Also if you kiss anything there....may they become your Prince or Princess as the case may be and never just an old toad! Hehehehee.

Fae/the/well :)