Between-two-options spread


I had to make this when a friend asked me to give him insight regarding two courses of action--only one of which he could take. Before I could give him the reading, turned out his problem was already solved. So I never got to use this spread.

I have a feeling somebody else already thought of something like this. I'm posting this anyway. Hehe. ^^


1 - The nature of the first option/what the querent feels about first option

2 - The nature of the second option/what the querent feels about second option

3 - Consequences/negative aspect/drawbacks of first option

4 - Consequences/negative aspect/drawbacks of second option

5 - Rewards/Positive aspect of first option

6 - Rewards/Positive aspect of second option

7, 8, 9 - Three-card advice

Originally I thought this spread could only be applied to situations where the person can only choose one option. But then, who knows, it might be better for him to integrate both. So I added the three cards for advice on what the best thing to do is.

Also, this spread assumes that the options, if one takes them, come with drawbacks and rewards. They may not be immediately apparent, but they could occur in the future as a result of taking the option.

Hope this spread makes sense. If not, I can always do some more tweaking.


That looks good, Kittaine. I'm going to record that one in my little notebook of spreads. :)


I have a use for this spread today. I will let you know how it turns out so you can see if it needs to be tweaked or if it is perfect the way it is...


Ivy Rhiannon

ty kittaine just the spread i needed. It gave me some good advice. Nice spread!


Just tried this on a whim with a co-worker who was looking for advice on a decision she was facing, and got some positive feedback on it - thanks for posting it! :)


Hi Kittaine

this looks like the perfect spread.

I have a querent who wants to know whether to stay with the job she has, or go for another one, bit of a dilemma.

I thought if I do this one, it may help her to weigh up the pro's and con's of each job and hopefully the advice will help her decide what to do.

I'll let you know the feedback.



As promised Kittaine

Here is the feedback from doing your spread.

Thanks Katie this is a really good reading with regards to my job situation and how I am feeling about it all at the moment.

I will print the reading off so that I can refer back to you and have a good think !

so yes, It works!!!! well done.


Great spread!

This was exactly what I was looking for. Excellent spread, I had very good results from it. Having three cards as final advice really helps make the message clear.

It's going to be a keeper in my repertoire--thanks for posting it!


It's a keeper

I enjoyed reading this spread very much. It is a really great idea because so often there are questions between two specific choices; either/or situations. I used this spread today for a reading regarding two paths I could take with my business, and feel very enlightened by the results and the advice. Thanks for sharing this with us!



Just used this one...

I just used this spread for a friend I was reading for and it gave exactly what he needed to know in order to make an informed decision about his situation. Wonderful spread!!