Book of Law Study Group 1.13


I am above you and in you.
I take this to mean that above and within are one and the same. Usually when we think of God we also think upwards. Deity is normally thought of as something higher and therefore remote. There is a dualistic separation between spirit up there and earthy us down here.

This verse seems to abolish that notion of separate existence. All of existence is contained within the body of Nuit.

My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy.
The second part of the verse is the natural corollary to the first. If you don't experience ecstasy and joy in your life, then neither does the goddess.

This stands normal conceptions of spirituality on their head. The traditional western view is very solemn and reserved. Extolling and praising abstinence, asceticism, and self-denial as spiritual virtues. All that is worldly and "of the flesh" is supposedly un-spiritual and a temptation, sent to lead you away from the spirit.

The New Aeon declares that Spirit and Matter are two sides of the same coin. Matter is the physical expression of spirit. The universe is the physical manifestation of Nuit. She is the goddess that demands no sacrifices. To live your life to the full is worship of Nuit.

Go on, be a Devil. })


And why the knowledge and conversation involves the idea of "biblical" knowing. And why Crowley dwells explicitly on sexuality like all the educated post-Freudians. It is that intimate, and that transcendant. Eternity in a grain of sand. Creation at its most primal and abstract.

The Osiric faiths tear the Self into pieces to keep it subdued. They are all religions of brutality and sacrifice that emphasise the distance between mortals and the Pleroma. Nuit is immanent. Crowley might argue that the Osiric traditions were all missing a "piece," much like Osiris himself, and that they had all subsitituted something (a metaphorical fish) much like Isis. Not for nothing is this verse 13.


Verse 13: AChD - Unity. AHBH - Love.

19 words: ChVH - Eve, to manifest, shew forth.

56 letters: NV (Nu) AL 1:24. I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty.


Never noticed this before....

13 + 19 = 32. The number of paths on the Tree of Life. Also BL - Not, and LB - Heart.

32: The coalesence of AHIH and YHVH - AHIHVH. Macroprosopus and Microprosopus.

13 + 56 = 69. The Holy Hexagram!



Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh

Aeon, I'm going to be thinking about those for a while. Many thanks.


13, 19, & 56 are higly significant when reversed. (LA/AL ;))

31: AL, the key to the Book of the Law. Discovered by Frater Achad!

91: Mystic number of the 13th path. Amen - AMN. Queen - MLKA. ADNI interlaced with YHVH.

65: ADNI - Adonai, the HGA.

91 + 65 = 156. BABALON.

Always Wondering

New Commentary said:
Note that Nuith, although She is Infinite Space, speaks as an individual might do, often enough. This is not that She is 'talking down to our level'; it is a fact. In the Cosmos almost any aggregation can think and act as an Ego. For instance, the cells of our bodies are each units, diverse in composition and character, living each a life of its own. Yet we think and act for them, and say "I". The stars are the cells of Her Body. Each one of us is such a cell; not less itself but more because of its secret function in Her.

This comment sits very well within me and gives me perhaps the clearest feeling of 0=2 I have had so far. The cosmology of this study has a way of offering brief snapshots of at least a bigger picture of what my mind cannot fully grasp. I find these moments very centering and vastly overwhelming at the same time. “The stars are the cells of Her Body” states out loud just a niggling I often get when contemplating the cosmos. It is amazing to me that we can begin to come to some kind of terms of the universe by scientific study of a microscopic organism within our bodies. It give me a great feeling of expansion or projection as well as connection.

“Each one of us is such a cell; not less itself but more because of its secret function in Her.”
Well it was lovely to have a moment of understanding. This seems to imply more than two sides of the same coin. Haven’t quite wrapped my mind around it yet. But it gives me that special sparky feeling.



Always Wondering said:
“The stars are the cells of Her Body” states out loud just a niggling I often get when contemplating the cosmos.
Nuit is Hadit and Hadit is Nuit. You are your cells and your cells are you.

The big difference between us (the ego self) and our inner Star, Hadit, is that we don't know that we are connected to Nuit. We have a sense of separateness that makes our existence as a individual "point of view" possible. But this leaves us feeling a bit cut off and isolated.

The Great Work involves establishing contact with our Star/Hadit (for which we need the intermediary, HGA) so that we can regain our sense of connection to the whole. At the same time it allows us to know and fulfil our unique individual purpose, the reason why we incarnate.