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Always Wondering

Aeon418 said:
I can also see this in how it applies to the self. It's quite common for us to split ourselves into different levels. We have that part of ourself which we like, and then there's the dark side that, even if we acknowledge it, we keep it hidden away to fester and poison our souls.
It's visible in the classic western separation of spirituality and sexuality. But Nuit tells us to "bind nothing". All is one. To split the self into different levels leads to hurt.

Again, I've been thinking of house, and reflecting on those dark musty basement rooms I seem so reluctant to peek down there and see what there is to clean up. I finally took a flashlight down there and found a mask. Intresting and telling symbol. :|
I guess I will go read some cards. :laugh:


Always Wondering

Always Wondering said:
I was having similar thoughts. Reflecting on Beth and how houses are family bloodlines. I was thinking about Similia's quest for Haddit and my instant but vague connections and how this study is helping us discover and trace our "blood lines" so to speak.

But, now that I wrote that outloud. Isn't this saying 0+a+b+c+d+e . . .?
Instead of 0=2?

Berashith: An Essay in Ontology.


I see this as yet another explanation of the different levels of understanding of Nuit.
I would take the name Nuit as the one that the initiate founds when first approaching to Thelema. Trough this name Nuit we are introduced to the concept of her infinity, but when we actually get to know her she would give to each one a secret name, that makes me think to how she will make herself known to each one of us in a unique way, as each of us is unique.
If we take the "he" as referring to AC, this explanation still stands, since it is an example of how she gave her secret name Babalon to him. Then, AC being her prophet and all, Babalon has become meaningful for everybody, as another angle, (this time yet closer to our understanding of deity), as a goddess similar to the gods we find in all human pantheons, which are to be intended as "stepstones" toward the comprehension of Nuit.
I dont see her as talking to Hadit in this verse, tho. Hadit is a way to know Nuit because he is in constant search of her, so if we follow/identify with him, we are likely to find her, but not because Hadit explains anything to us. We must "be him" and follow our lust for her: that's how I see the quest for getting to know Nuit.
When she says to make no difference,it is because she is all, even if each of us sees her from his/her unique standpoint. So there is really no point in creating dualities or let them illude us, because in the end there is nothing but the wholeness of Nuit. The more we let the illusion of duality in our life, the more we trap ourself in our Khabs, and from this it comes hurt.