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Aeon418 said:
And..... what exactly does any of that have to do with the Thoth Tarot deck? I'm not talking about "The Book of Thoth" as tarot in general, but the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck.
Well, at the very least, one could make the case that it constitutes an organizing principle behind the system of Tarot, and clearly demonstrates its connection with Kabbalah. Of course, someone might argue it being purely coincidental - all 7 Planets’ synodic cycles and orbits being accounted for... but, c’mon, what are the odds?

Thus far, Historical Research won’t touch it.
Could be they’re still sore at me, or maybe it just seems too weird. I dunno.
But, sooner or later, more than just a few of you will realize the ramifications of what I’ve been writing about with all this calendar stuff.

I’m not sure if that answers your question as to what ‘any of that’ has to do with Crowley’s Thoth deck in particular...
Could you be more specific?


To me this verse, after the previous ones, certainly hihlight the importance of applying gematria to the BoL.
The obvious arithmetical operations plainly suggested by the text have been well discussed here.
As my first bite at the book I don't feel like deciding which set is best for me, and I think that it would be a temporary choice in constant evolution..
I think the BoL is really inspired by a superior consciousness that uses our language in its own, evoluted way that we can't grasp at once. We get a far better picture by giving quick glances with the corner of the eye, let the subconscious do all the tough job and let the meanings emerge on their own.
When I find a line hard, like this one has been, I try to read it with the previous and next ones and then let some time pass.
This time no much more came up for this particular line than the concepts I was seeing in the previous. And these two verses are clearly connected, so it makes sense.
I may need a more rounded knowledge of the other chapters as well before squeezing anything else out of this one..