Card of the Day Spread : Combining Numerology & Tarot


Since I'm into both numerology and tarot, I decided to create a 'card of the day' spread combining the two.

First and foremost, you will need to calculate what the energy of the current year is for you so you can actually do the spread [disregard if you already know yours].

To do this, simply take the current year, 2007, and add your birth day and birth month.
Here's an example, using my information:

Current Year: 2007
Birth Day: 8
Birth Month: 4
2+0+0+7= 9
8+4+9= 21
2+1= 3

::Note:: Remember, if you get an 11 or 22, do not reduce the numbers down. They are master numbers and do not require reducing.

Now take your year number and add the current month and day to figure out the energy of your current day.
Here's mine:

Current Month: 12
Current Day: 17
# of Year: 3

There you have it. Now shuffle your deck, and lay down the amount of cards your current day equaled to get your card of the day.
Since today mine is #5, I'd draw until I reached the 5th card, and turn it over to reveal my card of the day.

Hope you guys liked it! This is my first spread I've created, by the way. :p

Luna's Crone

i just love this idea for card of the day, makes it a bit more interesting.

thank you.


Happy Luna bumped this.. looks really cool. Maybe i should try that here and there.


This looks cool. I'm gonna do this.