Celtic Dragon - Eight of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: Eight dragons are seen flying in the night sky, each holding a wand.

Significant Details: The stars are the beacons that guide us through life. The wands represent willpower.

My Interpretation: This may signal a time of rapid changes for you. You may take a journey, possibly by air. This may also signify that you are planning to host or attend a gathering.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: I have lined up the 7(Competition), 8(Movement), and 9(Inner-Strength). They tell me that after competition and rapid changes, we need to use our inner-strength to gain a pause before continuing our journey.

Intuitive Story: After leaving the cave, I continue on my journey, wondering where my life’s journey will lead me next. I am still contemplating the meaning of the woman and her competition. But as I look at the sky, I can see movement coming towards me. I wonder what it could be, as there seems to be light involved in this movement.

After a very brief time, I can see that it is eight air dragons soaring together, each of them carrying a crystal-topped wand. The lights that I saw were spiritual energy being issued by these wands. They are flying fast, but I can tell that there are young, old, and middle-aged dragons in this grouping, they must be a family.

How I wish I could fly with the dragons. I would love to be able to reach the stars. They are so beautiful as they quickly fly past me. They have a sense of urgency upon them. They must get somewhere quickly. I think on this family of dragons long after they have passed me.


Seeing these dragons, I think of migration. Or group travel. For sure, travel with companions have it's advantages...

Soaring Eagle

I hadn't thought about that. Maybe you and your family traveling together, or maybe your family traveling to visit you.