Celtic Dragon - Nine of Wands

Soaring Eagle

Description: A man is standing on a rock holding a crystal-topped wand. There are eight wands forming a circle above his head. There are two blue dragons, one beside him, and one in front of him. Behind him, you can see a stairway.

Significant Details: The forest symbolizes the subconscious mind. The stairway signifies that our path through this life is not yet complete. The wands symbolize willpower. The light from the wands signifies spiritual energy.

My Interpretation: You have reached a pause in a difficult lifecycle. You need to use your inner strength and courage to overcome an obstacle. Although there is opposition in your life, there will be a break-through, a time of peace is coming. This is a time of growth, especially spiritually.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: As I line up the 8(Movement), 9(Inner-Strength), and 10 (Struggle) I see that after times of expending lots of energy, we need to take a rest to gather our inner-strength, or we may face struggles ahead.

Intuitive Story: As I continue on my journey, I enter a rocky area where there are stairs leading me towards a forest. As I follow these stairs, I come upon a man who has stepped off of the stairway. He tells me that this is the place to take a pause and gain inner-strength before entering the forest of the subconscious.

He tells me that he has his inner-strength ready, shown by the wands above his head and the one in his hand glowing brightly. He states that it is important to gather all of the inner-strength I can before continuing on my journey. He is now stepping back onto the path, and leaves me to contemplate what he has told me.

I make myself ready, and begin to meditate, gathering my inner-strength to me. I can sense the added strength. The magician was correct, this is the perfect spot to rest and gather inner-strength. I continue my meditating.


he is concentrated, for sure. The two dragons seems to look at the same thing than the man. A point of focus. In this place, they sure won't get disturbed! We can see stairs. Is he doing a pilgrinage?

Soaring Eagle

What a nice idea.... doing a pilgrimage. It is a nice, calming card.