Celtic Dragon Study Group?


If it's still possible and this idea isn't dead I'd like to join, too. At the moment my dragons are "talking" to me much more and more clearly to me than my thoth deck. So I'd like to "dive" a bit deeper in these wonderful illustrated cards so that I can interpret them without having to look ervery meaning up in the LWB. ^_^

September Pixie

Ok, I am willing to start :) Look for posts in this forum soon! :)



I'm quite new to this, I've been reading Lenormand-cards for about 10 years, but recently, it's like my tarot decks are calling me...So, I decided to buy a new deck, and start again.I've ordered the Celtic Dragon Tarot, and it should be in the mail by now.
Anyway, I'd love to be part of this study-group, and I'm looking forward to some news on the subject!


I also like this deck and will participate as possible.


i'll get my hands on it as soon as i got the money... sob... its costly.


Good idea. I have been using this deck for daily draws and will participate as often as I can.


I have the Celtic Dragon and I would love to participate in
a study group. I can't wait to join in.


I would be interested but I only have the Shapeshifter not the Celtic Drangon get. My birthdays comming up so (hopefully) I will have the other then.


Is this group still going? If so, I'd like to join. I love the artwork in Celtic Dragon. I'm still fairly new at Tarot, but would like to learn.