ciro kipper, 11 sudden wealth study


11 sudden wealth
There isn’t to much to say about this, you go to a casino ,, hit 777,(or 888) and get a lot of money yayy(shakes hands like kermit the frog in the air ). The idea is you hit big and not just cheeries so it is a worthwhile investment in time. However perhaps it points to a person who just didn’t’ walk in , put a coin and win big. Perhaps it points to a person really having to work to get the big win.

Example is your typical bingo player who goes weekly and finally hits 5 k ,out of that 5 k,, he had to put in say 2k to get that 5k. or consider the expert gamblers of today, they figure out some good ways to beat the house, and manipulate the odds but in the end perhaps it is a besides luck, that they cheated to get the sudden wealth. as I looked up the history of the slot machine,, the first one was made in 1899, and before it was based on poker which were almost impossible to win the royal flush because the two of the cards necessary to make a royal flush was not in the machine so instead of 4 royal flushes you could only make 2 so you had to be realllllly lucky. So the point I am making is one has to really work if you are going to beat the slot machine, the video poker, the horse racing , the poker players, the black jack table, and that could work ..
But for a person to really win the big 2 million lottery, that would take a lot of luck and possibly be forordined. (be nice to see great fortune next to sudden wealth eh ). As gamblers usually have debt, perhaps most of that sudden wealth would go towards paying back bills, debts to people..

It speaks on closeness to the focus card if it is big or large. And says to pay attention to the thief,false person in the spread (if they show up in a 3x3 reading I would gather). It can also speak of inheritance, or being given money for someone won as well.

Let see if we relate to obvious non money questions.
If it comes in love and we get sudden wealth, I think it means it would be like the client has a surpisingly lot of interest in him or her from people. Or they might meet someone at bingo eheh.
If it comes in health,, it might mean that windfall would reduce some of the stress on the person.
If it comes in travel,, it might mean the travel will be better for you will get wealth by working hard. (here I am thinking tax relief, bank error in your favour )

It would mean lack of sudden wealth so it could be sudden loss, the wealth we are hoping for is delayed or may not come at all. So if asked about travel,, and this is reversed that should mean that the travel will cost more then we expect , and should plan for double the expeneses.

2 cards combos , 11 bad wealth reversed
6 mature woman, 11 sudden wealth reversed
The money the mature woman is counting on will not be there, perhaps it was tax cut she was expecting but it won’t be much as she thought it would be.
7 message reversed, 11 sudden wealth reversed
We don’t know we got enough money , for the message going to replay it wasn’t sent.

22 offical person reversed, 11 sudden wealth reversed
The money won’t be given to us for the official in charge of it will mess up.
8 false person, 11 sudden wealth reversed
The person showing interest in our wealth really want to take it for themselves.

4 courtship reversed, 11 sudden wealth reversed
When the money goes, the courtship will end. Like the old song if you don’t got the money honey honey, I don’t have the time.

18 child reversed, 11 sudden wealth reversed
Be sure you child trust fund is in safe hands, as it could be mis managed.
28 expecation , 11 sudden wealth reversed

Don’t’ expect to much for the money will be reduced. What you should do is relax perhaps as you may not win at bingo eh.

15 lovers , 11 sudden wealth
Although you won’t have to much money ,, the lovers will survive past it, that means you and you’re her or him can make it last .

2 card combos , with the 11 sudden wealth upright
17 gift reversed, 11 sudden wealth
Accept not the gift, for it isn’t as much as you think.

35 pathways reversed,, 11 sudden wealth
The path will be hard,, and you may not make it , despite your desire to have
the sudden wealth you are working hard to get.

16 thougths reversed, 11 sudden wealth
You been too preoccupied with money,, at the cost of your family and friends.. it is time to give to the universe and move on .

32 despair revesed, 11 sudden wealth
Do not despair , your will get some money somehow ,some way.

20 house , 11 sudden wealth
You will be able to afford your estate, and your renovations, as the universe will give you some goodness.

9 change , 11 sudden wealth
Use your money to change your life. Go to school, move and find a new job.. make the most out of this.

30 judication 11 sudden wealth
Rejoice,, you will get more then you figure in your settlement.

1, main male reversed, 11 sudden wealth
The man just doesn’t know what to do with his money so he will spurge it and lose it.

For this excerise I am using the celtic cross with sudden wealth somewhere randomly in the spread

1. Heart of the matter, above the matter, and below the matter
23, court reversed, 12 family revered, 29 imprisonment

The heart says he doenst’ want to go to court, as he doesn’t feel he can bring his family back together, and the fact he been shelftered might wreck his chances in court

2. The left, the heart of the matter, and the right
5 mature man, 23 court house reversed, 11 sudden wealth

The mature man is trying to help , but we don’t think the court will go our way, yet the sudden wealth that we will get gives us a chance at getting better legal advice.

3. The self, environment, hopes/fears
3 marriage , 26 great fortune, 10 journey

You really want to get married, and you know you have the fortune to get married , so you hope to get away and have fun on the journey. (due to the court house reversed in the original card It could be that they were having trouble getting married and that is what he wanted ot do originally

4. The outcome
38 toil and labour reversed, 14 message of concern, 13 wealty man

The hard work you been putting in,, has put a wedge in the middle of the woman you want to marry. Instead it is better to give a message of concern,, saying you been working to hard out of fear of not getting it to work. And finally you are a man she wants to marry, not because you are just rich, but because you have everything she desires.

0. Soul message
34 occupation, 2 main female reversed, 36 distant horizons reversed

The woman you desire isnt’ happy for she is unable to follow her dreams of traveling far. So she is working but not getting anywhere in her travels.

Hmm I got 10 cards left ..
I got it.. the four levels of being .
x outcome
xx spiritual
xx mental
xx emotional
xx physical
0.x soul message

The physical
19 coffin, 27 unexpected income reversed
It is important for the person to stop trying to pittance, the unexpected income is a like a only get 200 dollars when he should be working to get 20,000. So he has to be willing to let his old live end so he can do better in a new one.
The emotional
37 poverty, 13bad health reversed
The rich man may feel he is poor for while has 10 cars, he can only afford 8 of them and so his need for the many has put him in the hole the point he could lose it all. And so while his heath isnt’ bad yet,, it could be affected. So it is important to get the house in order.
The mental
12 privileged lady reversed, 39community
The people think they would be a good match but he doesn’t think he deserve her, or perhaps that think that they see the real her.
The spiritual
25 high honor, 33 concern
This isnt’ so much about spiritual as social as his biggest concern is getting the highest honors in his field. So this could speak of poltial but mostly talks of his deeds .
24 theif
He will discover he has a thief in his life, one who is trying to steal his political power perhaps or his emotional desires (the privileged lady )
0. Soul message
11 sudden wealth

Relax for the money that comes your way will help you get out of your poverty but remember to cut your costs down,, let go of the property that no longer serve you.. or the gift from the unverse will be lost.