Clow Cards: The Power


This shows the need to be timely with your use of power, and also not to misuse it. By thinking laterally you can overcome any situation or adversary, but it may not be with pure brute strength. They might be looking for a fight, but by just thinking outside of the box, you can still come out on top. Try not to rise to the bait if that is what they want.

This can show that you are going about something the wrong way. Blustering and trying to be top dog will only cause you to end up on your backside in the long run. Be aware that there are other ways to get what you want.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Power (Seven of Hearts [Cups])

Upright: Life will be good as long as you don’t treat anyone poorly or become arrogant. Kindness and modesty are necessary during this time. A long-worked imagination, unable to choose one's direction in life, illusory success. A faithless, inconstant friend who may prove an enemy. This is a card of illusions, deceptions. Making a hasty decision, therefore, could be as bad as being unable to make any decision. How to take control here? Hold out, investigate. However much pressure there seems to be, don't let them force you to make a rash decision. Make an informed *and* measured decision instead.

Reverse: A good use of determination, will-power, a definite path will be chosen


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Power is a card with a very cute appearance contrasting with her abilities. So to me it could symbolize the fact that things are not always what they appear to be, or that a seemingly gentle and calm person can possibly turn out to have the opposite personality.

This card has a very proud personality and she likes to destroy things to show off her power. She also likes challenges that will allow her to compare power. She could represent a person with that kind of personality.

As for her ability, she grants her user with an immense physical power. This could mean a sudden burst of energy or that something holds more power (weighs in more) than something else in a situation.

The Power is under the power of the Firey, the Sun and is related to Western magic.