cosmic tarot-3 swords


This card is the creepiest, most invocative, most intimmidating Tarot Card i have ever seen. Three figures, two male, one female, dressed in black overseeing the puncturing of a rose by three swords. The woman is covered from head to toe according to the accompaning book to hide the emotion the woman may feel. The central Figure wears teh sigil of Saturn on his bresast pocket. Behind the figures a wall of speration and a restless sky. The card is muted in dark blues, grey, black, and touches of purple.

This card screams "conspiracy" and i can usually guess its position in the spread before i even turn the cards over. Feelings of betrayal and universal pain are prominant. This reindition explains this card better than the Rider Waite Standard i believe if only because it portrays people involved (but thats not the only reason i'm sure).

This is one powerful card and hasn't come up a whole lot lately, i'm relieved about that. Not really scared of it, just really in tune with the dark meanings it represents.


Kinda reminds me of Julius Caeser - beware the ides of March and all that.


i definatley agree paradoxx - this is one of the only cards in this deck that 'looks' evil


i agree with paradoxx - in one word - CONSPIRACY


I think I must get that deck (uhm) ultimately! Anyone have the book as well? Is it useful? I am assuming it's rather Thoth-like in approach? I must admit the images have an insidious way of growing on you... Yeah, what the heck :D

Macavity (pushing the button later?)


i would recommend this deck. i posted here to ask advice before buying this deck and was told not to bother with the book. i got the cards and applied my knowledge of tarot meanings to the cards (you also get the little basic meanings booklet with them) - i found that i got on really well just analysing the images for myself.

afterall - tarot is also about intuition - and it is the best way to use them when you go with your gut reaction to the picture rather than what the book says.

my opinion xxx


Little Wing, while i appreciate your opinion on how to interpret cards, this paticular deck is so loaded with information that its hard to figure out what everything is saying.

The Deck and Book kit from US Games comes with one of the two books available on this amazing work of art. I find the information very useful and above all almost nessacary for the beginner.

As far as i know, neither book is written by Loshe, and thus may lack something much needed. can't tell you much beyond that, i don't use the book that much but sometimes if a meaning is a little obscure the book comes in rather useful (or maybe not) in discerning what is in front of me, that and a verbal expanation of what is on the cards can illuminated previously unseen aspects.

This three of swords has changed what i see in all 3 of swords in all decks. The appearance is evil, but the meaning is a dark fortelling of human behaviour.

Ruby Red Slippers

What are your opinions about the fact that the 3 swords are in the one lotus flower. I find it interesting that he uses swords to pierce lotus flowers in this way in this suit. But this card has the 3 swords in one flower.
What are your interpretations.....I'm interested. I have this deck but have trouble with it and keep getting it out and putting it away....
Ruby Red Slippers


I believe that it is meant to resemble the rider-waite's style of three swords throught a heart. Many times in the accompying book (and estoric use) the lotus and rose are both symbols of love. This resembles the 5 of swords with the (asymetricly patterned) flowers being pierced and a man lying in the sand which is very non-RW in general appearence. The Princess of swords shows a sword rising from a lotus, the reverse of the 3 and 5 of swords depictions.

Although the lead figure of the trio has that h style saturn glyph on his breast pocket. Symbolizing restrictions and rules, this three becomes one of streneous change. Placing aside the emotional sides of the issues at hand (symbolized by teh piercing of the flower and the shrouding of the female figure), ready for the storm to come (or perhaps it is just ending), and yet standing very very still. All the time evoking a sense of eerie unnervousness.

I had a hard time with this deck for a while too. Then i realized that the prince of cups and the prince of pentacles looked very much like me, that opened up some of the psychic doors. Maybe there's a card that resembles you as well.

Another question: whats behind the wall? Are they on the inside or outside, most spread and general interpretations would say the inside but are they just outside the courtyard?

A sense of chaotic energy permiates this card, it changes from reading to reading and sometimes from second to second and usually means more than one thing at a time.