Deck in progress: Brass & Steam (steampunk)


Just upgraded my membership, so here's an upload if you don't want to click through to the gallery!


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That is a very striking image. Polished and beautiful. The undersea aspect is interesting and seems valid to me.


you should watermark your images and show in low-res. Beautiful images = click and save, and soon you see your own deck in someone else's images.


This deck is incredible. I want one right now!

What! You say I can't have one right now?!?!



Alta: thank you! I was hoping someone being "suspended" in water would work for the symbolism, instead of the more traditional methods...

AJ: the forum already downgrades the images, so I'm not too worried about thieves turning this into a deck of their own--but thank you for your concern! I did use watermarks originally, but decided I was more concerned about viewers focusing on the watermark than I was about someone going to the trouble of swiping the images.

Metafizzypop: you cannot, unfortunately, buy the deck yet--but if you go over the the Advertisement section of the forums, you'll see that I'm selling prints of the cards done so far, if that helps. ;)


Thanks Tarotbear! I sometimes feel the tentacle is a little too subtle (it's supposed to be unclear if it's about to pull him down to his doom, or up to safety), but I do feel it's a very atmospheric piece--glad it had an affect on you!


Another new card, just in time for next weekend's Steamcon! I present the Mother of Invention, my Empress card, drawn by the talented Brooke Gillette!


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I have all the completed (barring later revisions) cards up on my website, and I just wanted to show off--check it out!

Cropped for a 4x6 card with a 1/8" border--I may go borderless, and I'm still contemplating the "right" card size. Finding the right balance between "showing off the art" versus "easy to shuffle" is harder than I thought. :p

Also keep in mind that these are simply mockups--the background (if there is one) will be better, probably choose a different font and text box color for the descriptors, etc. But as I get closer to the Kickstarter, I wanted to have something up to give an idea of what the deck could look like.