Deck of the Month Study Group??


I am wondering if after the first of the year anyone would be interested in doing a Deck of the Month study ? We could pick a deck for each month of 2015 and devote a month to each one. I know that is barely time to even skim the surface but we all seem to have rather short attention spans so perhaps a monthly study might help with that AND we only have to focus for a month!! It would be nice to "make a commitment" to do readings from just that deck for the month but that's not a "have to"...... just an idea.

I think for it to be successful we need to try to select the decks ahead of time so that we have a whole years worth....I hardly think we all want to buy twelve new decks so perhaps combining some old favorites with some new ones might help. I know there are groups or at least threads for quite a few cards from a variety of decks so we could certainly blend those into any month long study if we choose decks that already have information available.

You also wouldn't HAVE to have the deck to participate as many decks have images online that you could look at and participate in the discussion. I'll list the months and if you are interested please respond to this thread. Also please suggest decks and as the suggestions come in I will plug them into one of the monthly slots. If for some reason you would like to suggest a deck for a certain month, just let me know where you want it placed.

This gives us a little over a month to get our decks assigned to the months of 2015.

January 2015 The Medicine Cards by Jamie Sans and David Carson or (Any Native American deck)

February 2015 Mexican Loteria cards (non-traditional/not produced as an oracle)

March 2015 Oracle of Visions- by Ciro Marchetti (Or any carnival or circus themed deck)

April 2015 Oracle of Initiation (or a guardian based deck)

May 2015 Tree or Forest focused decks (Oracle of Trees, Wisdom of the Woods, etc)

June 2015 Cartomancy with regular cards or themed decks such as Alice in Wonderland. (In cartomancy forum)

July 2015 Nature/Earth based oracle decks (Earth Magic, etc.)

August 2015 Mythology based oracle decks

September 2015 Other Oracle Practices (runes, palm reading, casting etc) Some have decks associated with them also so we will explore what is out there and "fine tune" this topic. (In Beyond Tarot forum specific to practice)

October 2015 Halloween Oracle

November 2015 Sibilla Oracle cards

December 2015 Open Choice Deck (revisit one from earlier in year or use your own choice)

So if you have a deck that's just been lingering there on the shelf...maybe 2015 will be the year to dig into it. Also I'm game for any older decks as often I learn new and exciting things about even my oldest deck through discussions with others.


This sounds like an interesting idea!

Stupid question, but I had to ask - I see that you have the thread in Oracle Study Groups, so would it be only for oracle decks?


Yes it's for oracle decks or any non tarot Mexican Loteria etc. I work more with oracles than tarot.


Yes, that sounds right! :)

The only oracle deck that I have at the moment is the Medicine Cards deck, which I'd enjoy discussing in any of the months you have listed, so maybe there'd be interest?

Your idea of seeing the cards online is good, but sometimes not all the cards are available to view, so that may prove challenging.


Yes it's true that you can't always find all the images on line. But hopefully we can "make do" if need be.

Which medicine cards are they? I have a couple decks so will see if I have these specific ones. If not we can certainly still put them in a month...I'll just have to be creative!


They're called "Medicine Cards: the discovery of power through the ways of animals", by Jamie Sans and David Carson.


Ok I have that deck...yeah.....!!! I'm not sure I have the book though as they were gifted to me from I'll check and see. I'll put down the Medicine Cards for January. :)


I'd love to hear other deck suggestions for our studies....anyone?

I'm going to add in one that is new to me but has been around for a while...I'm sure there are threads we can pull from and update etc...

Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti

And since his name has March in it...I will plug it in for then


What about just focusing on the Marchetti deck, or one oracle deck? It seems like there'd be enough there to last a long time! I think I would prefer that, since to plan the year ahead seems a little overwhelming...


Perhaps...we will see if there is any other interest between now and January 1st. I just feel like there are a lot of deck studies that fit that format and it seems that they never even seem to stay up and running long enough to get through all the cards in the deck...LOL

The whole idea of the Deck of the Month I think is to get a short crash course in a deck and then move on...since people's interest and focus seem to shift quickly around here...It would definitely not be an in depth study

So we will just see how things unfold...would you rather start with the Medicine cards and then move to the Oracle of Visions when the time seems right? I have the Medicine cards also and I am a BIG fan of Native American decks.

If nothing else I might just work myself through a year of deck studies and see how that goes...I certainly have enough to fill in 12 months!!!