Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 303 : May 20 - May 26


This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks. Each week on a Saturday we will be picking a new deck to work with exclusively for the week.

Anyone is welcome. Please join us!

1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week - if you wish you can choose 1 tarot and 1 oracle so you can participate in all areas of the forum

2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.

3. Daily Draws can be recorded in our Group Daily draws thread: the thread is here for Jan - Jun 2017.

4. The following link is for members of the Deck of the Week group to post readings (other than Daily Draws) with their chosen decks or readings with spreads offered specifically by Deck of the Week members. No feedback or commentary on the spreads/readings is required (unless requested).
(tarot only)

Deck of the Week Tarot Readings

5. Here are links so that members can post daily readings/reflections on Oracles:

Oracle Decks - Threads in Oracle Readings forum (Oracles and combined Tarot & Oracle readings)

Deck of the Week Group - Oracle Readings

1. VGimlet - Good Tarot & Globalight Angelic Tarot (majors)
2. CharlotteK - Ancestral Path Tarot & Personal Space Tarot (maybe)
3. Trogon - Necronomicon Tarot
4. DaughterOfDanu - Starchild Tarot & Bonefire Tarot
5. AJ - Estruscan Tarot
6. Ballerina - Grail Tarot
7. Scarlet Woodland - Rosetta Papyrus Tarot & Sasuraibito Tarot
8. lantana - Prisma Visions Tarot
9. Luxa - Green Witch Tarot
10. Rose Lalonde - Tabula Mundi Tarot & Roots of Asia Tarot
11. Green Faerie - Tarot of the Hidden Realm
12. DC419 - Linestrider Tarot
13. catschinwag - Revelations Tarot
14. snowmoon - Macaroon Tarot (mini) & Astrology Oracle
15. Aquamarine - Tarot of the Holy Light
16. EmpyreanKnight - Waite-Smith Centennial Tarot & Golden Tarot of Klimt
17. BodhiSeed - Tabula Mundi (b&w) & Universe Cards
18. Amberjune - Lioness Oracle Tarot & Spirit Cats
19. Carojulie - Japaridze Tarot & Tarot of a Moon Garden
20. csmith0406 - Japaridze Tarot & Tabula Mundi
21. Madame Squee - Fountain Tarot & STS Lenormand


This week was a bit more chill, although I have a CRAZY weekend ahead, as my library is hosting our first music festival, along with all kinds of new media workshops with virtual reality, 3D printing, etc....

This week I'll be using the Good Tarot along with the Globalight Angelic majors.


Hi VG, thanks for the new thread. Look forward to hearing how it goes with the Good Tarot.

I had a great week with the Albano Waite last week and discovered a new love for it :) this week I move onto the Ancestral Path Tarot. (I may also do some readings with the Personal Space Tarot on the side.) šŸ˜€



I've decided to use the Necronomicon Tarot this week. A good friend of mine gave it to me a few years ago and, other than my "new deck" reading, I haven't used it. I'm looking forward to it!


I'm going to work with the Starchild this week again and try to reconnect with the Bonefire. It's been so long since I've worked with it and I remember I really loved what an easy reading deck it was for me.


Estruscan, to rebalance from the enchanted :)
thanks VG, hope your new plan off-puter is working/helping


This week I'm going with The Grail Tarot.

Scarlet Woodland

Mary-El Tarot + Trionfi Della Luna (paradoxical purple)

Thanks for the new thread VG :)

Sticking with the Mary-El this week as my meditative, one card deck and picking up where I left off with the Trionfi Della Luna (paradoxical purple). Really drawn to old, Italian decks at the moment and it should scratch that itch nicely. Must dig out my Tarot Of The Master and trim it soon. Have been meaning to do that for ages but keep dithering over trad or rounded corners.

I'm not even mentioning the R word this week... if it gets here it gets here :p


Prisma Visions Tarot

Part of me feels like I should do another week with the Cosmos, but the other part of me is restless and feeling the decklust so it's time to swap out. I'll go with the Prisma Visions, because I need to build a relationship with it that isn't just me griping about the cardstock issues.


The Green Witch Tarot

I'd love to join in again this week, I had a great time with you all last week :) It's so much fun to see what decks you're all using, most of them I have to go look up.

The Green Witch Tarot arrived in the post today, so it's brand spanking new and i can't wait to dive into it!!