Deirdre of the SOrrows - 18 - The Moon


This Is the card I have seen so many interpretations for, it is easy to understand why it can be confusing for readers, particularly those starting on the path of tarot. Some key words I have seen include confusion, secrets, uncertainty, doubt, mystery, change etc.
Deirdre has also guided us to consider the fact this could be a period of uncertainty or confused emotions. The moon has many phases – just when you think you are in tune with the energies of a particular phase it changes on you. When this card has appeared in relation to what somebody is portraying, it can show they may show one face or side of themselves to you, yet portray something entirely different to another. In this respect, it could indicate the need to be careful and not to be too trusting because their motives could be bought into question.
As Deirdre has rightly said though, you may have to consider the fact you may be the one who is showing many faces, thus deceiving or confusing someone.
If you are being deceived you may need to make use of the full moon phase whereby some light may be shed on an issue, thus making things that bit clearer for you. If this is the case, you may have to wait a period of time, particularly if you sense you are in a waning moon or new moon phase. Keep on your toes in the meantime though.

She has her hands shown with palms upwards as if to invite trust and confidence in her. Do you feel you can trust her? If you could reach into her mind, is there something you feel she may be keeping hidden from you? What is the signifcance of the stars shown in the palms of her hands? Why may she be drawing attention to her hands?

I have seen different meanings attributed to this symbol, and they alone can be very different depending on what book is read etc. I see this as indicating an emerging from an emotionally still or stagnant state. The water is still, not flowing. Can this show our emotions have become unmoving or stifled? Does the crayfish indicate a coming out of this state, but shows we still need to do something to protect ourselves from external influences as we do so?

This is something we can associate with a lot of the traditionally portrayed Moon cards in the tarot system. In this case we see that the dogs appear to be focussed on different things – one is looking at the woman with its jaws open, the other is focussed on the crayfish as it emerges from the pool. Which of the guard dogs do you most associate with at the moment, and why? Do you feel they are guarding you and therefore offering protection of some kind? Could they be indicating that the way forward for the crayfish is barred in some way? Is one trying to warn her whilst the other is standing guard? If so, what would you be doing if you were the crayfish to alleviate this situation?