Deirdre of the Sorrows - 19 - The Sun


If there is ever a welcome sight for sore eyes in a reading, this is the one. Just closing your eyes and thinking of a lovely warm day, not a cloud to spoil the view makes you feel content. You just ‘know’ everything is either going well or has the potential to turn out that way. A time to really soak up the energies of the sun and to relax whilst doing so.
Here we see 3 different characters with the sun dominating the skyline in the centre top of the card. So how could we read this card taking into account the different characters portrayed? We see a hint of a white cloud to the right of the card. Is that about to come into play, and if so, what could it signify? How could it affect the experiences of the boy or the girl?

Here we see a white horse running across the plain. The children seem to be oblivious of its presence, just as the horse appears to be lost in its own private scenario of freedom and expression. It is liberated from any reins, or saddle, and is relishing in the freedom it is being given. Notice how the mane is flying backwards. Does this signify how you should be letting your own hair down for a change? Just as the horse is unsaddled, does this indicate how you should perhaps ditch anything that hinders your freedom or expression? This horse is experiencing the joy that comes from being in a totally natural state, at one with the energies of the sun. If you are thinking “if only I could do that”, shake off that restrictive mindset and just go for it! Summer in the UK is sadly rather short lived. If you wait, or come up with reasons why you shouldn’t do something, you may find the opportunity does not come around again for some time.

It is such a shame we lose sight of the simple pleasures of life as we get older. At one time flying a kite could give us such joy, yet as we mature, we can be guilty of turning our backs on our childhood treasures. This character does remind me a little of the Fool, in as much as he is genuinely enchanted by his toy of choice. There is a real sense of youthful innocence. All he needs is his kite and a little wind to help him on his way. What does the kite signify to you? The string is quite loose, yet the kite obviously has enough of a breeze to keep it airborne. What area of your life could that replicate at the moment? He has wisely wrapped a lot of the string around his hand, so as not to lose the kite should the wind pick up. He is not about to let go of something that he gets enjoyment from.

She appears to be a lot older than the boy and is not playing as such. Instead we see her picking flowers from the ground around her. She is very well dressed and has a red bow in her hair. Notice how her attire appears to be quite smart in comparison to how the boy is dressed. What does that tell you about their different personalities? She also has a daisy chain around her neck. We see she has picked a few small flowers, and is now reaching for a particularly large blossom. What could this signify to you? I reckon if you have a chance for something ‘bigger’ (job promotion by way of example) you should be aware it is well within your grasp, and associated energies indicate you would have a good chance of success.