Deirdre of the Sorrows - Eight of Cups


This is probably the cup card most readers have no difficulty in identifying key words for. Invariably it shows a female walking away from something, the sky usually depicted as dark and desolate. In this case we see the sun in the sky indicating each time we move away from something, we are in fact striding towards something else.

In this case, we see the woman is leaving two large houses behind in the distance. The path she is taking is somewhat winding, 8 cups lining the route she climbs the gentle gradient of the hill. Each cup has a symbol shown on the side. In addition, two of the cups appear to have objects within. Whether the other cups are full or empty, we can only summise.

When this card appears it shows that the inevitable decision has been taken. There is no further mileage to be gained with a current situation, thus the reluctant decision to move on. This will not be a decision that has been taken lightly. It may well follow a lot of sombre consideration, and at the same time, will leave a feeling of emptiness or sadness. However, it a situation has run its course, or is no longer relevant it would be pointless to hang on any longer.

Only when we put a distance between us and the issue can we look back with more objectivity and realise the warning signs may have been there for some time.
It is also only by walking away do we create a space where something more positive or fulfilling can come along. Whether this applies to a relationship issue, a job concern or a house move, it is meant to happen for a reason.

The symbols on the cups are a little difficult to make out. I can see the head of a bird on one. With regards its presence, I will leave this to Deirdre to explain. Another of the cups appears to be showing a human face with either a cigarette or a thermometer in the mouth of the figure depicted. There also appears to be a thermometer resting in this particular cup. (It may well be something completely different, but that is what it appears to be after some scrutiny).

Surprisingly, this card does not really lend itself to much more by way of consideration. If a querant asks should they move on or not, this card could well indicate they know the answer already, but may be just looking for confirmation before going ahead.