Deirdre of the Sorrows - Seven of Cups


Well, if any card really did indicate a sense of losing yourself in a make-believe world, this is it. Quite often it will indicate a choice needs to be made, possibly of a romantic nature. However, we should not pigeon hole this as being the only option, just because we are in the suit of cups.

Here we see a woman relaxing on a grassy area, her thoughts turned skywards. Her thoughts are represented by various cups shown clouds, 3 of which are being supported from a hot air balloon. The fact the cups are on clouds shows these are just images from her mind. They may or may not yet be reality. If they are indicative of her current situation, she may be considering changes. If they are just daydreams, she is best reminded to focus on what she really needs and take the necessary action to make it a reality.

Some of the symbols are a little hard to make out, but it is possible to see some details. She has a lot on her mind for sure, and may be looking at the pros and cons of each option as opposed to just daydreaming. The surrounding cards and the question being asked will hopefully point you in the correct direction.
However, it is apparent she may be trying to consider too many options. With that many choices she runs the risk of not choosing to do anything. Have you got many possibilities open to you at the moment? If you could narrow your options down to just 2 or 3, what would they be, and what process of elimination would you use?

Two of the clearer signs are shown on the cups at ground level. We have a T junction shown on one of the cups. She has followed a path and now is faced with two directions she could take. There is no clear indication which path is preferable. Indicated on the cup at her feet is a house. Could she be considering a move?
The cup behind her head is showing two overlapping hearts. Maybe a romantic liaison is being considered.
The other symbols are not quite clear, but one of the cups does show something inside it. Is it a book, or a pile of bank notes?
What is the significance of the differing heights of the cups? (some being ground level, some being carried away by the balloon).