Deirdre of the Sorrows - Six of Cups


This card follows quite an intense and emotional situation, (as shown in the 5 of cups) reminding us that time can heal, and positive reflection can be the next stage of your journey.

Quite often this card has been associated with the reliving of/memories of the past, but when we take this reflection and put it into context it should be used to help us pave the way for the future. It is a fine line between reflecting on the past, and living in the past. This card could show you have reached a stage where you need to look at what has gone before, and if supported by a card such as the 4 of swords, indicates it is what is needed right now. However, if supported by cards of action, you may need to be aware now is the time to move forward before the hold of the past tightens its grip.

With this card we see two very different scenes. To the top left we see a scene which could be set during Halloween. A lone elderly woman is sitting in front of an open fire, a shawl hanging loosely around her body. By the side of the chair we have the only indication of colour in the form of a jar partially filled with coins. Deirdre has linked this card with a period of poverty and want, which could very well be applicable. If she is a pensioner she may have to watch how every penny is spent. However, there is also something else to consider and in this respect, I see how it could be read slightly differently. I believe she is going to give the coins to any trick or treat visitor, thus embracing the energies accompanying the children. For a few short hours each year, some sunshine and happiness is bought to her door in the form of smiles and laughter. Whereas for some Halloween is not a welcome time of year, for our elderly woman it could be a rare chance to have contact with the outside world, thus bringing back memories of her own childhood. She has not seen that period of her life for many years, and this one day of each year may help reminder her of what it was like to be a child celebrating Halloween. Just take a look at the picture on the wall, of a baby crawling across a floor – does this support the above possibility? She seems to be lost in thought as she looks into the flames of the fire. What could she be thinking? If she is feeling the cold, why does she not have any covering on her feet?

Here we are bought right up to date in the form of a woman lazing in a hammock. There is a hint that the moon is starting to make an appearance, so it is possible she has been there for some time. She has been lost in her own thoughts, but shows no sign of preparing for the night ahead. Could this show that she should now be leaving the past behind, and concentrating on the future? If she continues to brood or reflect on the past, what may she be missing out on with regards the present?
Is there anything you can relate to with what you see in her actions/inactions? What is the significance of the apple she appears to be gazing at?

The present under the hammock has a question mark and heart on the wrapping. As Deirdre has already stated, this could show she is about to receive an inheritance or legacy. Yet if we look at how she is relaxing in the hammock, she is totally oblivious to this possibility. If she continues to do nothing, is there a chance this ‘present’ may pass her by and not come to fruition?
All 6 cups are upright (very positive sign) and are brimming with various forms of plant life. This can show one of two things:
1) She now has so much by way of opportunity open to her, and now may be the right time to take hold of that opportunity. The flowers will only be blooming for so long after all! If she waits too long, they may have withered and indicate a great opportunity has passed.
2)She has been sitting here for so long now, some seedlings have taken root and have grown within the cups. Therefore this can be another indication that she has been inactive for quite a long time now. When she first took up her position the cups were empty.
There is something hanging from the tree, but it is not easy to make out what it could be. What are your first impressions when seeing this object? What could it represent to the woman? What could it represent to you?

Both women are lost in thought. They are from different backgrounds, of different ages and may have different circumstances, experiences etc. Which of the two characters do you associate with and why?

When I had this card appear in a reading it indicated a different focus being shown depending on which character you associated with. The elderly lady appeared to be focussed on the past, whereas the woman in the hammock may have been guilty of daydreaming of the future, not realising she had all at her disposal underneath the hammock to turn some of her dreams into reality. If you believe it does indicate general daydreaming, the focus of the card could shift slightly, but I would see this as being more relevant with the 7 of cups.