Deirdre of the Sorrows - Five of Wands


Talk about coming back down to earth with a bump. If the previous card in this suit indicated harmony, that has been somewhat shattered in this card. In other words, that honeymoon period is over with something akin to a reality check taking its place. The sun shows at one time everything was fine, but notice how it is now clouded over. Something has crept in leading to fighting, disagreements or quarrels.
Let’s see how that relates in real terms though.

Deirdre has already stated this situation could occur in many different areas of your life, and if it relates to a work issue, could show the opposition or obstacle should not be underestimated. If a promotion is being sought, you may need to prepare yourself for the fact it is a “dog eat dog situation”, with even those you saw as friends becoming overly competitive. This can spill over into out and out hostilities. If you are unsure what I mean, watch an episode of the Apprentice – you may then witness the exact same scenario unfolding.
That in itself is not a healthy situation, but you do need to be especially aware of those who enjoy watching conflict unfold. They are the ones who will not necessarily be involved directly, but are on the sidelines with the sideways comments. You may be able to identify them if you really look at their actions objectively. If they have been passing gossip to you which is rather unsavoury, it is likely they have been saying the same about you to others. Therefore you need to ensure any anger you direct is aimed at the source, not those who have been weaved into this web of trouble making.

Now to see the energies from each of the characters portrayed.

If there was ever a woman who wanted to wade in and bang a few heads together, it is the woman in this card. She is obviously fed up with the antics of the men in front of her, and may well be preparing herself for action. If you identify yourself with this woman, is there something you want to break up which is causing you stress or frustration? If so, what may be the best way of going about it? What could be the outcome if you did go in and ‘bang heads’?
Her dress is red which often denotes anger. How does the colour of her dress have a bearing on her temperament? If she were able to talk, what would she be saying to the men? How does that relate to what you would like to say, if you were given half a chance to do so?

He appears to be taking a defensive stance. His eyes betray the fact he is somewhat nervous. If you resonate with him, is there something you feel you need to defend? Where or what is the opposition you feel you are facing? Can it be overcome and if so, how?

He has his staff raised in quite a threatening gesture. He may well be about to use it to assault the other guy, or he may be just gesticulating angrily. What do you think is applicable and why? If we look on the ground to his left (right as we look at the card) we see a broken bottle. What could this signify? If it is the cause of this disagreement, could it show they are actually fighting over something that is really of no significance or relevance?

He is obviously being threatened here, but is not defending himself in any way. He has a staff in his hand he could protect himself with, but has it hanging loosely at his side. What does that tell us about his temperament? Is he showing bravery by not retaliating? Or could it be seen as cowardice? There are other reasons as to why he is standing his ground in this way – can you think of any others? If you identify with this man, how does it relate to the situation you find yourself in?

He is obviously the aggressor in this partnership, his fist tightly wrapped around his opponent’s shirt. He is taller and much heavier in build, his facial expression frozen in a grimace. He could be seen as being a bully, someone with anger management issues – the list could go on. How does this character fit in with your current situation? Do you feel there is a bullying issue at play here? If you had to look long and hard at your own actions, could it indicate you are in fact the bully? If so, are you trying to achieve an outcome through unfair tactics, or by mistreating somebody?

This card really does have a lot going on, with many different dynamics being portrayed. You may be up against one of these characters, or you may be the character yourself.

With regards the glass jar, I have indicated it could show they are fighting over something of nothing. However, it could also show they are unaware of the effects of their fighting, and that they themselves have caused this breakage through their careless use of anger or violence. If this is the case, it may show there could be repercussions if calm heads are not employed.