Deirdre of the Sorrows - Nine of Coins


On a positive note, generally I associate this card with personal achievement, as opposed to a joint achievement sometimes shown with the 10 coins. This is supported by the fact we only have on character in this card. She appears to be quite content by herself, with her dog as company. However, when we look closer there is a lot more by way of depth and story telling ability, which can sway us in different directions.
Deirdre has already alluded to the ‘yet’ which hangs over the card in a subtle way.

The snail does not move at anything close to lightening speed, so could indicate that the journey has been slow at times, or that more patience is needed before you find yourself where you want to be. If this scenario does apply, be warned there is nothing to be gained by forcing an issue at a pace which is not suitable.
The snail seems to be quite comfortable amongst the foliage, and gives the impression it has found its ideal habitat. A positive sign that all is well in this garden.

This can show there is a wise head on shoulders with regards to finances. She seems to have done well for herself, but the presence of the piggy bank shows she is still saving for any possible ‘rainy day’. Quite a sensible course of action, and shows she is aware that circumstances could change unexpectedly. This year we see her flowers have bloomed beautifully. However, it would only take a period of unusual weather, or for insect infestation for the whole scene to change drastically. If you had unexpected misfortune, have you put enough by to ride out this difficult period? Are you assuming this period of good fortune will last, and if so, could it indicate a sense of naivety on your part?
The piggy bank could also indicate slow growth, but with the growth coming from investment. In this case it is through time and the correct application of nutrients needed to ensure a bountiful crop. Usually the piggy bank will hold coins, and when seen from a child's point of view, the build up of the coppers is slow, but how their faces light up when the realise how much they have saved over a period of time. Not a fortune to us as adults, but to children - they have become rich. Therefore we need to appreciate our efforts may be taken for granted by some, but to others the end result will bring about great reward.

If this card were animated I reckon would be able to see its excitement as it burrows into the foliage. How fast would that stubbly little tail be wagging? What is it rooting for? What has it seen we are not privy to? Is there a danger it could dig up some roots, unseen by the woman? We hope not. She has obviously put heart and soul into cultivating the flowers – it would be a shame if these were destroyed through the innocent over-exuberance of the terrier. As Deirdre has already stated, this dog can show that you are missing what is right in front of you.

Talk about not being able to see the wood for the trees…lol. I knew this was here but it took me quite a while to spot it!
I am not sure what the meaning of the number itself is (this I will leave to Deirdre to explain) but its format bought to mind two things:
This sort of approach/imagery is often used when detecting colour blindness. We see a lot of colour in the flowers, and it it could be possible to not really see what is within the colour. (The texture, the smell, the individual petals etc) The number and how it is portrayed is asking us to look closely so asto differentiate within the foliage, and truly appreciate the finer elements which make up the beautiful array we see. (Also gives us the opportunity of spotting early signs of greenfly which could have a devestating effect if unnoticed!)
In addition I see this type of number when asked to verify entries on websites, so as to avoid spam entries. Could this be asking us to verify something in order to confirm honest intent? (This aspect would be very dependant on the reading, question asked and position within a spread, and would not be relevant in many cases).

Overall I do see this card as being positive, but can understand why there may be a sense something is missing. She may well be somewhat of a loner. She may well also be searching for that missing ‘something’ but may not be aware of what it is. Does she therefore chose to lose herself in caring for the plants around her, not realising there is some sadness or emptiness in her home life? (Just take a look at the darkness over her house to understand where I am coming from). Also, the coins are devoid of any symbolism which has proved unusual as most cards to date from this suit have had something within. Is this yet another indication that she has done well for herself, but still needs to consider what she needs to do in order to bring about TOTAL fulfilment? Their emptiness can speak volumes, yet in a subtle way. After all, this card is the 9 of coins. We still have one more to consider, indicating there could be a little something extra needed in order for her to feel totally content.
Ironically, the ‘missing’ part may well be in full view yet she has not realised it. The dog is burrowing into the foliage ignoring the apple. You may not need to dig too deep to actually find what is needed.