Deirdre of the Sorrows - Ten of Coins


Whereas the previous card indicated personal fulfilment and material security, this very much concentrates on the family set up.

We see three generations of existence within this card. The house and coat of arms indicate there has been something that has been passed down from generation to generation, and looks to be continuing with the recent arrival to the family. With this in mind, it does indicate the newborn may grow up with financial stability, courtesy of his birthright.

He is shown as sitting by the fire, away from the other characters depicted in this card. The fire he is in front of is not lit, so this could indicate there is a sense of cold detachment on his part. This could be his natural demeanour bearing in mind the time period in which he was born. It is unlikely he has ever really displayed much by way of emotion. The typical “stiff upper lip” demeanour. However, his could also show that he feels he is no longer central in the family unit. However his place by the fire does show that he is still very much the patriarch, but the main focus of attention of the other adults is on the newborn. This gentleman still has his dog for company though, and is on hand should he be needed.
Can you associate with this gentleman? Are you part of a secure unit, but feel your role is no longer seen to be as important as it once was?

The other two characters are in the foreground of the card, the woman holding a newborn child, the man reaching out to support its head. The male may not often hold the infant (I feel with the time period indicated his role would have been minimal) but he will always be there for support whenever it is needed.
He may be relieved to know that the bloodline has been continued, the family name to be passed on to another generation.

Usually this card exudes warmth and stability. It is indicated in this card, but in a more controlled and understated way. We don’t see the ‘ooh’ing and aahh’ing’ over the baby. The people portrayed do not seem to be the type to openly display their emotions. Even the chairs look stiff and uncomfortable, but do fit in with the time period of the scene.
It is a refreshing change to see that stability and strong family ties are shown, but not in an overly flashy or excessive way. Some decks can go over the top with how they portray this sense of unity etc. Here it is understated. Therefore there is no chance of raising hopes of massive windfalls, only to find the windfall came in the form of just 4 numbers on the lottery. A sense of decorum is very much in evidence.