Deirdre of the Sorrows - Ten of Cups


A lovely family scene, showing 3 generations all celebrating together and enjoying the company of each other. We see one of the members planting a shamrock, thus indicating the possibility of new generations or further growth to come.
It really does show that all is well.

She is standing up, facing her two children with arms stretched out as if to welcome an embrace. She is wearing an apron, indicating she has been working hard to prepare the bountiful food we see on the picnic table. This may show you have worked hard to achieve this feeling of contentment, and long may it continue. If you relate to this, your efforts have paid off.

The girl is looking at her mother, her back to us as readers, whilst the young lad is watching his dad as he plants the shamrock. Could this subtly indicate the dynamics at play within this group setting? If so, what are you picking up from the focus of the girl? The focus of the boy?

This could be a grandparent, an elderly uncle, or even a neighbour. It is really left free for us to associate with him as we see fit.
He has a walking stick, which is propped up against the seat behind him. How much of a ‘prop’ are the other members shown in this card? Does it indicate total acceptance and support of those who may not be as able-bodied as we are? If you feel he reflects your current situation it is to be taken as a positive sign, that in no way are you being left to fend for yourself.

He has prepared the ground, and is now planting a shamrock. If watered and cared for, it will continue to flourish. This shows the love and care he has put into bringing up his children, and the way he has provided for the wellbeing of his family in general.

The cups remind me of how champagne glasses are often stacked at a celebration or party. Therefore I see this as being a celebration of a successful family unit.
The house behind them is solid and robust, providing them with a sense of security. The smaller annexe to the left may even be an indication of what is often called a “granny annexe” (an awful term I know!), indicating the elderly person in the card is also provided for. Therefore, if you feel somewhat vulnerable and are worried about being left out of a situation, this should alleviate your fears.
The rabbit is feeling totally unthreatened by the humans around it. The ears are alert but relaxed as it chews away on a cabbage leaf. This should indicate there is nothing on the horizon which is likely to unsettle this situation, at least in the short term. Therefore, there is no need to look for problems, because for now, they don’t exist.

Yep, as Deirdre has said, it really does not get any better than this!