Deirdre of the Sorrows - Page of Cups


They may be seen with their heads in a book as opposed to partaking in boisterous playground games. The child who will avoid conflict wherever possible. The child who would be bringing home injured birds or other small animals in an attempt to save them.

In this deck, we see a young child dressed in so many ruffs and feathers he is in danger of being overshadowed by the clothing he is wearing. It is almost a caricature or stereotypical image of a child who has raided his mother’s wardrobe and has donned half of the contents in one go. If his mother has dressed him this way, she is in danger of stifling his development as a child, and perhaps asking him to miss out on an important period of his life without realising this is what she is doing. Our page would not want to hurt her feelings and would therefore go along with this, putting a brave face on throughout.
His face indicates he is not entirely comfortable with his situation, albeit he is standing nonchalantly with one foot on a rock. This pose is very untypical of a lad of this age, and makes me wonder if he is trying to appear more grown up than he really is.

We see he is holding an apple in one hand (perhaps signifying his willingness to please) and a chalice in his other hand, the image of a bird clearly displayed around the side of the cup. What does the bird symbolise? How does that relate to your current situation?
A tiny white dog is standing close by, gazing up at him with an outward display of loyalty in a way very special to dogs and their owners. What is the significance of the dog at this particular time?

Certainly, I can relate to how Deirdre links this in with a possible courtship or romance. It can indicate a lack of confidence, or uncertainty over such a prospect. Certainly if this is a new relationship, or comes at a time where previous experiences have not been good, it will be usual to experience these concerns. There is a natural inclination to hold back, but this card does indicate things will go okay. If you feel the page is not being his ‘real’ self, this card could be gently asking drop any act or facade, and act naturally. In other words, try to avoid a situation where you feel you have to go out there and impress someone. If the mutual attraction is already there, nothing will be gained by putting on a false image.

Overall, a positive card which can underline the sensitivity of an individual who may be hiding their nerves at the prospect of becoming involved in a relationship.