Deirdre of the Sorrows - Knight of Cups


If ever you would want to be courted in style, by someone who is a true romantic at heart, it would be by the Knight of Cups.
I guess this guy is somebody we could identify as being a male in touch with their feminine side. In other words, somebody who is willing to reveal their sensitivity and emotions without fear of being classed as weak or ineffectual. But is that always the case? There is a particular symbol discreetly portrayed on this card which could indicate otherwise…….

Here we see a troubadour, his vielle slung across his back. We get the impression he is a travelling spirit, but has the natural ability to bring happiness and joy through his music. Should this person come into your life there is a possibility you will be serenaded. Whereas most cups in this suit have been gold in colour, this cup is blue with a gold rim. Does the blue symbolise water, and in turn his sensitive nature? What do you make of the foliage sprouting from the cup? Could it indicate the growing of a relationship? How about the coins falling from his purse? Could this show this is one opportunity or person you don’t want to let slip away?
The horse is standing at the edge of a stream, one foot raised as if in hesitation. His pricked ears could indicate he is wary of something. As Deirdre has indicated, he could be unsure of the water’s depth. If this is something you can resonate with, what are you hesitant about? What is it you know you should be ‘testing out’ but are holding back from? The crazy thing is, this horse could easily just jump over the stream, thus missing the water entirely. Why is he not considering this? Is there something you could avoid by just stepping over it?
Are you seeing something as an obstacle which isn’t really insurmountable at all? Or does the water signify a reluctance to acknowledge feelings or emotions?

This is a beautiful plant, one that is often danced around by dragonflies at certain times of the year, bringing about a wonderful sight of intermingling colours and shimmers. Our Knight is presented a large pink blossom. As Deirdre has said, they are usually anchored very well to the floor of the pond or stream. This can show regardless of how others may be losing control emotionally, you have it in you to stand firm. If things around you are becoming unsettled, you may be advised to stay calm and let it wash over you.

Yes, it is there but subtly hidden at the base of the trees. We see it contains a lot of tiny hearts. Whereas the water could indicate a reluctance to acknowledge emotions, this could actually show emotions have been bottled up or contained in some way. If you are aware this is happening, you may need to look at why. Quite often we do this out of fear – fear of being hurt, or fear of being let down. If you are entering a new phase of a relationship, it could show you are getting cold feet. What is it you are perhaps afraid of? If it is something linked to a past or previous experience, how about putting that bottle in the water, and letting it flow away?