Deirdre of the Sorrows - Queen of Cups


beneath an oak tree – a symbolic tree with royal connections. In addition the oak tree is one that exudes reliability and solidity. Deirdre has already indicated how this tree symbolises protection. Yet another indication of her position is in the form of the monarch butterfly on the trunk of the tree, its wings spread displaying its full beauty and colour. It may well be about to take flight but it could also be absorbing the heat and energy from the sun, totally relaxed with its surroundings.
Around her neck we see a delicate crucifix and rosary beads, signifying she has spiritual links, beliefs, ethics etc. We have seen a child on a previous Queen card, but in this case she is focussed on her child as opposed to her possessions or money. Therefore this child is obviously the central focus of her life. The pale blue colour of her dress and rosary beads really does have a calming affect on the scene overall. She is the type of mother who will be able to sooth away the tears of any small child with kind words and a gentle hug. Her calming nature will there for anyone who needs it, not just the child in front of her.

In comparison to the child on the Queen of Coins, this child is dressed appropriately for play. He may well get his clothes dirty or muddy, but we can see from the rapport between the two of them, he is encouraged to be a child, and take part in childlike activities. His natural curiosity for the world around him will be encouraged by his mother, who sees the world of nature as being the best playground he can grow up in. If he can appreciate and respect the wildlife around him, he can grow up to show the same respect for all living things.
For now, he is facinated by the gold cup. It is not a toy that he can play with, but he is fascinated nevertheless.
If reading this card from the viewpoint of the child, it could be showing you need to put aside expectations, and just enjoy the simpler aspects of life for a while. If play is needed, really get into it and be prepared to laugh along with the experience. Really, it is okay to let your hair down on occasion! I remember my first paint-balling outing. My trainers were new, and blemish free. Why, oh why did I expect them to remain in this state! We were all covered in mud and fatigued after 8 hours of crawling through woods, yet we all had beaming smiles and twinkles in our eyes at the end of it. The whole experience made the following morning at work more than bearable. Become a child for a while. It really is quite liberating.

This card really does subtly hint at the fruits provided by nature. Not only do we have fruit in the real sense, we have the dove in the top left of the card once again reminding us of the peace and serenity that pervades the scene. The bird on the branch to the right of the tree is not one I have been able to identify but it is also relaxed in the Queen’s presence. This sort of brings to mind a scene from a Walt Disney animated film, where the animals gathered around the Princess. They would only do this if they felt safe and unthreatened, thus underlining the character and approachability of our Queen of Cups.
The water in the background is understated, but we can see it is calm on the surface.

Basically everything about this card indicates love, respect, serenity and being at one with your surroundings. You can be rest assured, if this Queen comes into your life she will have the ability to settle your emotions, and be of support to you as you tackle the situation at hand. She may not offer the practical advice as would the other Queens, but that is not necessarily her role. Sometimes we just need someone to be there who will listen and understand.