Deirdre of the Sorrows - Three of Cups


This is a card we can see does reflect the traditional meaning, in as much as we have 3 female characters involved in what appears to be a celebration.
All 3 have dressed up, as would be the norm if attending a party. Deirdre has shown there could be a couple of reasons for the celebration. On one hand the Church could signify a wedding or blessing. On the other hand it could even be a baby shower, celebrating an imminent birth.
Certainly this would be a welcome card if you have been feeling more than a little low of late. Overall, we are reminded this card is positive. Energies are high with friendships being cemented as a joint celebration takes place. There is nothing more uplifting than laughter, particularly if it is a laughter that is shared. The overturned bottle is empty, so we can assume champagne has been flowing freely and enjoyed. (Although I suspect the pregnant lady could only imagine what the champagne tasted like, bearing in mind her predicament!)

Each could be read in a slightly different way, depending on which of the characters you feel represents you at this moment in time.
The pregnant lady looks very happy and is probably excited at the prospect of becoming a ‘mum’. She is holding hands with the woman to her right, her eyes making contact with her. She does have another person in front of her, but is not including her so much in the conversation or scene. Why could this be? Are you perhaps unaware that you may be leaving somebody out of your celebrations? It could be a genuine oversight, but the card may be pointing this oversight out to you in a gentle way.

On the other hand, this card is asking you to choose who you share your happiness with carefully. We will discuss the woman in the foreground shortly, but you may find she is not the true friend she professes to be. She is reaching out to the woman on the left. This could show if you need support at a time of uncertainty, that support will be there for you. It may be a case of requesting that support, but in general you have people around you who will act instinctively with your intentions at heart, particularly at a time of need.
The woman on the left is obviously pleased for her friend, and is showing this though her non-verbal communication. (Eye contact, holding of hands etc). If you associate with this woman it shows that you are showing loyalty and being there for somebody you care about, particularly when they need a helping hand.

The woman in the foreground is possibly the one who is of most interest. We do not see her face, but we do see she has one arm to her side, and one arm behind her back. She appears to be a part of the group, but at the same time is retaining a sense of distance. So, what can we make of the masks? Well, I had a couple of things that came to mind.
Firstly, she may be hiding her own feelings through not wanting to spoil the party. If she is having a rough time of her own, she may realise it is not appropriate to bring her woes to such a time of celebration. This is something we can all associate with at times. How often have you been asked “How are you?” to reply with an instinctive “I’m fine”, knowing full well that is not the full truth? Quite often we do this because we do not want to bring down the energies of the other person, so our feelings, fears etc remain hidden. Or is she hiding her feelings, conscious of the fact she is being left out a little? Could it be she is childless, and therefore feels the bond is stronger between the other two women? If this is the case, I do have more than a little empathy with her. Friends of mine who have children will often chat animatedly about their offspring without realising I am not able to take part in the conversation in the same way. (I don’t have children). It is not intentional, but can lead to one person feeling a little left out of the conversation.
Secondly, she could be being “two faced” which brings me back to a previous comment. I think if you associate with this observation, somebody may be being rather deceitful. They may be saying one thing to your face, yet behind your back could be saying something else to other parties. Remember this card is usually positive, so this scenario needs to be considered carefully, and the context of the reading evaluated before heading down this route. Certainly worth bearing in mind though.