Devil + King of Swords as his thoughts


So I've put my bf on timeout and not responding to him as quickly or readily. I did a 3 card and then asked a clarifying q of how he's processing my distance and got Devil and King of Swords.

My hunch is that he's obsessing and trying to be charming. Which is totally like him as he's the baby in his immediate family and never takes real responsibility.

Lately for daily reads on him I'm getting KSwords quite a bit but the Devil has me a bit perplexed.

Thanks for any help


If you keep getting him as a KoS I'd say it means that he's putting a lot of thought about you and the whole relationship thing. I agree that Devil + KoS might mean obsession (since KoS is a very cerebral man and Devil is attachment), I see it like he's trying to fight with his thoughts against his feelings for you.

The Devil is also a very sexual card, so maybe he's mentally fighting the fact that he desires you.


Danger, danger!

I get the sense that your BF is a game-player. KoS is the quintessential chess player & can be highly manipulative. He tends to be interested in self-preservation & maintaining control. Throw in the Devil card & you've got someone whose mind is running obsessively in circles, trying to figure out how to best assert his authority & keep you in his clutches.

Why be with someone who needs to be put in timeout?