Training progression - 8 of wands


Hi guys

I just begun a new sport this week which i can feel im already doing really well in. I asked the cards what my instructor thought about my progress and abilities so far. I recieved the 8 of wands. To me the 8 of wands is about speed and things moving fastly, so im thinking it means my instructor is thinking im progressing fast and showing alot of potential. What do u think?

Marcus R

8 of Wands would sure be the best card for "things going well" (and with aplomb), on a one card pull. Well done.


Don't think you could have drawn a better card tbh. Enthusiasm is strong, there's effortless progression as there's real momentum behind you and all you're doing is taping into it, possible gift, ahead of the rest, buzzing, excitement, focused energy.


Awesome! Thanks everyone!