Do you see gods in the DruidCraft?


I know AT is closing in a few days, but this question has been going round in my mind for a while and I'm using my last chance to ask it. :)

The DruidCraft tarot is based on themes and ideas found in Wicca and Druidry, two spiritual paths which honour, or at the very least entertain the idea of the existence of, historical or mythological deities. While the deck's beautiful illustrations appeal to a wide audience, some of whom I'm sure have absolutely no religious beliefs whatsoever, I'm guessing there's a fair few Wiccans, Druids, and other Pagans who use this deck because of the associations with those particular spiritual paths.

I personally identify as Christo-Pagan, and when I was looking through the cards for the first time I had to stop when I reached Strength as I immediately saw Freyja - the Norse goddess of beauty, magic, battle, and sex - staring up at me from the card. I therefore had to get the deck as not only did I think it was gorgeous but also because I have a devotional reltaionship with Freyja. I later showed the deck to a friend of mine who worships Athena, and she saw her goddess in the Justice card.

I was therefore wondering, without this turning into a debate on religious beliefs, whether anyone else saw deities in any of the cards. Whether it's a similar experience to mine, something you've come to realise over time while working with tarot, or whether there are symbols or attitudes that remind you of certain deities, even if they're wildy unconnected with the deck's setting.

I don't even mean just the Majors, which are often linked with things outside the realm of human influence, there may well be a Minor card that reminds you of a statue you saw in a museum once. So I'm curious - having had gods appear twice in this deck, does anyone else see them?


I don't, I see humans taking responsibility for their own lives.
that isn't a smarty pants anti religion remark, just how I view the characters.


I haven't seen any Gods there. That isn't to say they aren't. I'm not familiar with all the different gods and goddesses, so I haven't made the connections- but it seems logical that you would see them, since you relate to them more.