"The Lay of the Land" - Geography of the Druidcraft

Bat Chicken

There has been a growing interest in our discussion that seems to be leading to a pattern in the landscape of some of the majors. i.e. The similarity between the backgrounds of certain cards. At coyoteblack's prompting, this thread is being created to examine this.

The Standing stones behind the High Priestess look like the same ones from the other side in the Moon.

This thread will explore the possible connections between other cards and perhaps amongst them all - to see if there is a 'geography' to the Druidcraft Tarot.

So let's get to it!:)


There is stream that looks about the same width that flows from the lady to the hermit

maybe it means physical well being will flow int spiritual well being if done well.

Bat Chicken

I am going to lay out all of the Majors to start and look for connections later today.... This should be a fun exercise...!


I am thinking spend a day or so just trying to find the phydical stuff then work on the conection.

you can almost see them all in the same vally and/or beach


I am just using the Major Arcana
Also I am just using the physical landscape no “ special” connection

Sun and rebirth look like the same child also new grange is in both cards

The beach scene with the Moon, High Priestess, and The Wheel is alike and the 2 sanding stones in the moon and HPs look a lot alike

If you put the lovers and the hanged man next to one another it looks like he is hanging from the tree the lovers are getting busy under.

The standing stone (could be Stonehenge) the magician is standing in is in the background of the Star and Death.

The stream runs through the Hermit and the background of Death ad ends up at the Lady.

This is a stretch but you can almost picture the Hermit walking up the path to see the Lord.

The Eagle is in the lord as well as Death The mountain the Hermit is on is in the Death card( the Death card is mixed with a lot of cards)


If you look in the background of the Two of Cups you can see a tomb. This looks much like Newgrange, which we have already seen in the major arcana cards, Sun and Rebirth.


I noticed today that the court cards seem to imply a pattern to geography. It seems to me as if the younger cards, the prince and princess, are at the lowlands of a similar area to the queen and king, and the queen and king seem to be at the top of a mountain. The king of pentacles is inside, but when I got the impression from the other cards, I took this to mean that at the top of the pentacle mountain there is a home that the king rules (while the queen rules the natural environment). Is it just my imagination? I know the King and Queen of cups seem to be so close that they actually connect on the background, perhaps this is only in their cards due to the emotional closeness they would have (again, perhaps my imagination is a wee vivid).

After noticing this, I was rather disappointed to see that the background for the Lovers and the 2 of cups was not similar.

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Death card shows the dolmen; Rebirth card could be that Dolmen

HP and Moon- in RWS as well, are the "back scene"- in HP we are looking at it from the front, the Moon shows the "back side" (as mentioned above)

Strength and the Sun appear to be in the same valley

Hermit is up on cliff looking over the valley that has the river flowing- which is later seen in the Lady card. Also looks like that creek flows in the Death card (as mentioned above)

The Star card has the stone circle- perhaps that's where the Magician is doing his craft

It also seems like the Tower Card is off to the side off the Star card- perhaps off to the left, standing by it's lonesome underneath the stone circle (hope this makes sense)

The Fferyllt card could contain the Wheel- in the valley, where the water is, on one of the islands could be that beach where the Wheel is being drawn.