"Dream Weeks"


We're currently in a Mercury/Neptune conjunction and it will last through January 12th, then return around Jan 24th through Jan 30th. This is an aspect of dreams...pay close attention to what your dreams are telling you. The conjunction is in Aquarius, so dreams have the potential to be very weird. Inutition is also heightened during these periods of time.

Another facet of the aspect is lies. Don't believe EVERYTHING you hear!

Saturn is also trining (120 degrees) Neptune and that will add some clarity...and is also an aspect of helping others and giving of yourself.



You have such great timing, AG.

I had a very weird dream last night and have been wondering about it all day. Unlike most of my dreams this one was still very clear when I awoke. Usually I barely remember them. But this one seemed to be trying very hard to tell me something.


That dream may reoccur during the next Mercury/Neptune when Mercury will be retrograde.


It was a dream obviously based on the 911 stuff. But in my dream the WTC building didn't get hit at all. This was the way it happened.
I was in a building (I can't remember why now) and was told they were evacuating the building. when we all got out it was crashed into by a plane (see any similarities?) and the building collapsed.
The weird part was somewhere in the investigation I realized I knew the guy (only one) who had done it and didn't want to tell anyone. He had disguised himself so I don't think anyone else knew. ?????????
I know...freaky huh??


My take on your dream is perhaps you're holding back (subconsciously?) on telling someone what needs to be said, or, somehow maybe you're not facing something that you know (subconsciously) needs to be faced.

The dream will most likely reoccur in another scenario, but with the same message. Keep a dreams eye on that one.


i've been having the worse sleeps the last few nights. so perhaps this is why.

in light,


wow, Aquarian Goddess. thanks for sharing. I had the FREAKIEST and coolest dream last night. though I'm not sure if it's really telling me anything... other than allowing me to "live out" fantasies that I would not be able to do, given my current lifestyle. hmmmmm......


Well, AG, as Jade says, you're amazing! My dreams are super-real of late. I'll pay more attention to them, taking into consideration what you've said about Mercury/Neptune. I have two very close friends, both Geminis, who are grappling with serious health concerns now. It makes me think something must be going on in the heavens! They live in another city so I have to be creative about how I give to them during this time of need and vulnerability. I've been sending healing energy and continuing to do so in dreams. A time of intense dreaming ought to enhance sending healing energy... I welcome any advice on this.



i've been having the oddest dreams. i know i'm dreaming and i'll have the clearest conversation w/ someone. i'll get so excited and exclaim,"gee! this explains so much! i'm going to remember this when i wake up!" then the person tells me that i can't be allowed to remember what i've been told at awakening b/c the time isn't right for me to consciously know. so i'll wake up and know something special happened to me but i don't what it is! it's so frustrating!

the only dream i remember is i had decided to quit nursing school but was afraid a supportive friend would be greatly disappointed in me if i quit. i was very upset i would lose her if i didn't do things her way but she came to me and assured me everything would be fine w/ whatever choices i make. (btw, i am going back to school tho at the time of the dream i felt like giving up.)