Dreaming Way Tarot Question


The outfits are based on Korean traditional garb, and that's why they look strange sometimes, but I find them very chic and interesting.

For me, this deck is a consistently good reading deck.

There is an interview with the artists somewhere on the net where they explain the background of some cards. The High Priestess for example. It was very interesting. I love having these European motifs, steeped as they are in Christian and Classical iconography, put through a non-European lens. It's the effect Brecht calls Alienation (Entfremdung), just enough removed from the usual representations, that makes it come alive for me.

Glass Owl

I recently bought the Dreaming Way and I like it! it reads well, like a storybook. And I love the color palette, very soft and dreamy. I agree the Moon is kind of bland. But the Card that bugs me more is the Star. She's wearing an apron! I don't get any of the usual meanings of hope, healing, faith from that image.
It reminded me of a storybook too, which was a major reason why I decided to buy it. I am really enjoying its dreamy, pastel colors and simplicity. But yes, there are some cards that seem odd to me as well but I think that is part of its charm.