DruidCraft 2 of Wands


When I meditate with this card I have the impression that this is the point where he has gathered his energy is about to make a decision.

if the polls where only one it would be a decision on right or left but with 2 polls he can go either way.

Also I get the " ohhh the duality of man " in my head for some reason


I am on this card now in my 78 weeks study. I get the feeling he has all that built up energy from the Ace and is ready to do some thing. Not only ishe holding the 2 of wands but he is at the edge of the Forrest about to go in.

The stave's are a door way and the Forrest is a boundary, notice how the color of the grass is a different shade of green.

this card relates to the high priestess (2 in majors) and the 2 stars look like the wands version of the 2 standing stones she stands between.

Also the sexual energy from the ace of wands has a partner the 2 from together to create some thing in the 3s .

This card is just as much about 2's by it self as it is about that boundary between the Ace ( raw potential energy), and the 3's (synthesis, creation).

to add a little Golden dawn tree of life to this . raw creative energy is in other but the switch is off there the switch goes on in chokhmah (supernal farther).
it will complete the triangle in binah the maternal mother where the 3's are.

Also this is Mars going through Aries.

seems like this card is a lot about energy in a queue waiting to move forward. a decision has to be made a change must be made fire hates being still.

Now if I can figure out a way to combine all these thoughts together I will be ok.


does anyone know the trees in this card? also does anyone know what the tree for 2 is? and what it means?


Major Symbols:
The Longman of Wilmington: One of the many “reasons” giving to him is a Boarder marker.
His 2 staves: Alludes to the 2’s counter part High Priestess. Also a door way
Archway in the Forrest formed by 2 trees yet another door way

Element: Fire , Energy passion, creativity, will power

Number: 2’s can be choices . Aces are undirected energy; the twos are, in a sense, the knowledge of what the direction for that energy should take.

Sphere on the Tree of Life
Sphere 2 Energy (Chokhmah). Energy is crackling within us,
searching for a direction through which it can be dissipated.

Mars in Aries. The tremendous energy of Mars is in its
Initiatory stage in Aries.

Days: March 21st – March 30th (this is from the Golden Dawn)
Golden Dawn name “Lord of Dominion”

Bringing it all Together:
. With the 2 staves the number 2 and the archway I am thinking this is all about choices decisions. The Counterpart with the High Priestess tell me this decision might best be solved with a gut feeling or intent. Mars, Aries , Chockmah , and the element of fire in general tell me there is a lot of energy in the well waiting to create some thing in the 3’s .
The Lord of Dominion wants control and Mars can have serious issues if this is not released.

Possible Definitions
Good Power held in reserve while evaluating options,
Bad: Fire especially all the fire in this card does not like to be held long makes a choice and don’t procrastinate.
Indifferent: If a decision is to be made and you have to choose between the logical answer of the “gut instinct” go with the gut.


The trees in the card are Hawthorns in full bloom, around early may, though sometimes earlier now!

However, ive been to the long man (once!) and from a view point I didnt see any hawthorn trees around, but great Ash trees so when I think of the 2 of Wands here I think that Ash, the energy of Nion (in the ogham) would have been more 'appropriate'. However Hawthorn (or the ogham hUathe) is here for a reason.

Hawthorn is a tree of pain for its thorns are sharp, though not septic like her dark sister the Blackthorn. Hawthorn is a tree of May, of Beltane and the fertility of the land. May Queens are often crowned with ivy and hawthorn blossom and these energies, of sex and fertility of hard work and pleasure I feel are part of this card.
There are the fires we burn out of necessity and the fires we burn for pleasure and I feel that the 2 of wands suggests that we need the two! We need to focus on our energy and support ourselves, which having the energy 'spare' to help and support others, our community and the wider world.
The idea of a dualistic energy of the physical realm and the Other are like that too. We need spiritual nourishment as well as physical nourishment too.
That theres no either or, but only together in harmony - for the greater good?


The Longman must be some kind of a gate...

The questions is; to what, and what must be done to make him open it.


Hi Sar!
The Longman must be some kind of a gate...

The questions is; to what, and what must be done to make him open it.
Well, what about the door to opportunity... and how much do you want to find out what is on the other side of it?
I believe since it's fire, that what it takes to open it, will depend on how much fire you have in the belly ... how badly you want it, how much effort you put into it or how much drive it takes to get you to step through it.

It could be about the "otherside"... and we all know the grass is always greener over there. :D

I like the idea of doorways to other worlds, you never know what you might find outside of our own little world.


There is a face in the left tree (under). Two eyes, a nose and a kind of tube in his mouth. Anyone else who sees that?