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So far I've noticed three cards with cats in the DC tarot: High Priestess; Queen of Wands and Three of Pentacles. Why is there a cat in the Three of Pentacles? The book says that in the HP card, the cat stands in the otherworld, maybe this refers to Bast in Egyptian mythology.

I read somewhere that Druids thought black cats were deceased humans in cat form being punished for evil deeds. Maybe that's why this cat is a ginger one more representative of a common tabby.

Any ideas?


The cats

I had noticed the slight cat theme running throughout the cards but couldn't quite think of any reason for it... I am intrigued to hear what others have to say - sorry I couldn't be more use!


Since the cat is seeming to rub against the man making his mark... perhaps it could be... becoming familiar with your medium... a bit of a pun... since cats are often viewed as familiars or a a medium between the otherly and this world.

Free Flight

I am probably going to get myself kicked off this forum but here are some thoughts I have had previously on this subject.

Queen Wands is the only Queen often depicted with her legs apart and this has been commented on that she has sexual energy. She is proud of who she is sexually etc. Yet in the Druidcraft there is a cat with her. Whenever I see this (well only occasionally) I feel like there is a joke there about pussy. Now excuse me this is word which has negative connotations but lately has become more mainstream.

So maybe sometimes I think it is a joke just to announciate the queen's sexuality.

So if this were true then we could look at the other two cards in this context.

High Priestess again a woman who is sure of herself

3 pents stumps me though. Although sometimes I see the people watching the man work as almost mesmerised by his labour

just some thoughts. Could be total gibberish :)


roflmao FreeFlight! What an asute meaning for the cat in Queen Wands! It hadn't occured to me at all.


Heres were some thoughts from the Druid Animal Oracle come in handy!

Actually, there is a bit here mentioning how the cat is a creature of the Goddess that is so intimate with that feminine energy using pussy for vulva is a development of that... It could also link in when the UK was Christianised, and all things relating to the Goddess was seem as unholy and evil, so a lot of cat myths and omens, going against a sacred animal, familiar of the Goddess. Of course, for a woman to be so linked with her sexuality could have been one of the first 'witches'!

The 3 of Pents in this line of thought is the male craftsman being so intune with his creative and feminine side that the cat, or the Goddess brushes herself against him. The Cat is also associated with the goddess Brighid and Ceridwen, the Goddesses of the Bards and inspiration.

Something interesting I thought i'd quote for you...
'Throughout britain there has always been mysterious sightings of 'big cats'. Some believe they have escaped from zoos, others believe that every so often the Cath Sith, the cats of Faery, allow themselves to be glimpsed, to remind us of the existence of the Otherworld'. p57

I rather like that though!



Hey FreeFlight have you been kicked off the forum yet ;) actually the Druid Animal Oracle (made by the same team of creators) also mentions "pussy" in the description of Cat so I think you will be ok there ;)
but also awareness of the spirit world, which what I think is going on in the High Priestess card. So Cat unites both the physical (sexuality, sensuality) and non-physical (connection to the spirit world) into one.
I never thought too deeply on the cat on the 3 pentacles though, she always makes me smile. I have cats and used to work from home, and whenever I would try to concentrate on my work my cats would try to get my attention or want to be near me. Maybe it is telling for the man's dedication to his work, that neither the lookers-on nor the cat can distract him.


lol seems we both reached for the DAO at the same time Wolfspirit !



I have cats and used to work from home, and whenever I would try to concentrate on my work my cats would try to get my attention or want to be near me. Maybe it is telling for the man's dedication to his work, that neither the lookers-on nor the cat can distract him.

This is a very interesting idea and yes, the cat is rubbing against him and he is not distracted from what he's doing. He's concentrating and also being watched by others that he hasn't noticed. could this mean total dedication to something, if so, what does the Eight of Pentacles mean and why a cat?? Why not a mouse running over his foot? Is it because the cat is representative of comfort, hearth and home? I've been thinking about this since I wrote up this post and am still stumped...


When a cat rubs against someone or something, it's leaving it's territorial mark. The man is also making his mark, both are signs and symbols of their existence perhaps. The cat is also showing it's pleasure and affection, but mostly saying this is MINE.

Both in a sense by making their mark are claiming their mastery. We all know cats keep us, not the other way 'round.

I still like the idea of the familiar and the medium. The more we do something, the more familiar we get with it, no matter what medium we are using to do it.

I should look up the definition of "familiar" on wiccapedia, but the way I understand it, is a familiar something a witch would use to do shapechanging or "get into", becoming part of that animal and being able to borrow it's body, similar to what a medium does, channeling an entity/spirit... and the way this man is so concentrated on what he is doing, he has really gotten into it... or is possessed by his Muse.

And then there is the whole Cat as a God... which I'm not even going to try to comtemplate tonight. But if the Cat is, then it could be that it is a God given talent, being brushed by God in that sort of sense and why the people stand back and leave him plenty of elbow room. They are awed and amazed and don't want to get too close, even if it seems to be a benevolent God nearby.