DruidCraft Study Group - Times & Directions


The book section on The Aces provides the following on
Time of Day and Directions:

WANDS (Fire) South - Summer Solstice
"...heart of the sun..."

PENTACLES (Earth) North - Winter Solstice
"...night of Alban Arthan..."

SWORDS (Air) East - Spring Equinox
"...place of the rising sun..."

CUPS (Water) West - Autumn Equinox
(no time reference in text)


Court Card Details

I've been finding some time-of-day and possibly directional
elements at work in the Court Card suits, maybe from this?

Sometimes it's where the Moon or the Sun appears...
and even in the blowing wind ~ from where to where?

Flowing rivers, or mossy tree bark can reveal direction,
and then we might wonder, how the figure stands and
where they face toward... many clues to understanding.


Those season/element attributions are pretty standard for neo-pagans. Personally I relate to them as:

Spring - Fire
Summer - Water
Autumn - Air
Winter - Earth

That might make this deck a challenge for me but probably not as hard as air/wands fire/swords decks.


Princess of Pentacles

If it is the Winter Solstice and Night,
the Sun would be setting in the West.

If the Sun is in the West, she is facing
South ~ with a North wind blowing.

If it is the Dawn, the eastern Sun
means she is facing to the North,
and the wind is from the South...

What I'm wondering ~ is there a pattern,
and one that applies to all the Courts?


Time of day for Cups

The timings you mentioned for the four suits are very similar to those mentioned in a Bardic cermony which welcomes the elements - in this ceremony Cups are related to the Autumn Equinox, Alban Elued, and to dusk - the place of the setting sun.

Dont know whether this might help


In the Druid order of the creators of this deck, (O.B.O.D) the suites correspond like this:

Swords - Air - East - Spring - morning,

Wands - Fire - South - Summer - noon,

Cups - Water - West - Autumn - evening,

Pentacles - Earth - North - night.

This is the order in which the Circle is cast in the ceremonies too -
at least, in the Northern hemisphere. [I believe some antipodean Druids cast their Circles sunwise (deosil) for them, and vary their correspondences accordingly.]


OK while I have been reading for a while now, I am now trying to get my head around tarot and time frames. I'm looking at the diagram for meeting of inner and outer worlds and not sure if all cards depicted here are indicators of a time reference. I can see the pips matching up, and the court cards seem to too (although I need to look further here). My lack of understanding comes in the major arcana. The magician is placed at the north where it is winter solstice and Alban Arthan, yet the card is about summer. So hopefully you can see my confusion. Can someone explain the circles as time frame references? I know that the the inner wheel is our inner journey and path of development while the outer symbolises our time in the material, with the court cards as how we connect the two. Is it simply that in the outer we are constrained by the concept of time and for the most part live by its rules, whereas on our inner journey time is not relevant? If this is the case then how does the court cards play into it?

Hope someone can help
Love and Light