Relatinships between the cards.


So, I am new to the forum and I've looked to see if this has been mentioned, but I'm not seeing it. Pardon me if it has. I am not new to the tarot, but I am renewing my studies after a thirteen year break, so I might as well be new. Also, my more in depth book for this deck is still in the mail.

I laid out my minor arcana today, with the court cards, and looked for the numerology and relationships between the cards (seasons, landscape, etc.) I noticed some things. It seemed to me (just an impression, but a strong one) that the prince and princess are at the lowlands at the base of a mountain, and the king and queen are at the top. It is especially noticeable that the queen and king of cups share the same landscape, though others are similar. The only one that differed from this was the king of pentacles, though I took that to imply that there was a home at the top of the pentacle mountain, very appropriate.

I also noticed that the ten of cups and the ten of pentacles seem to be the same family, only with winter as the season for pentacles it was appropriate that time had past and the patriarch had reached his retirement.

Now, this specific deck aside, I'm trying to remember some information that I have forgotten, and perhaps you can help. I wanted to look for connections between major arcana and their minor arcana equivalents, but all I remember is the Lovers and the 2 of cups. Isn't there also a minor arcana magician? Aren't there others? I haven't found a place to renew this knowledge yet during my review, and I wanted to apply it to my study of this deck soon.

For other running themes (traditional and deck specific) I noticed the lovers are also in card 13 here, and the connection is obvious. I noticed the cat and black hen, which I've run into discussed here in other threads. What other running themes are there?