The Hanged Man-ALL tied up?


I have a little problem with this card. The first thought when I looked at it...why are his arms tied?
I thought he has chosen to hang in order to gain insight? That it was a voluntary gesture, yet his hand are tied behind his back just in case he changes his mind?

And who tied his arms?



Sometimes we don't go into 'limbo' on our own..we are lead there by other our environment and the forces around us...hence...tied up.

Circumstances beyond our control sometimes put up in this situation...and we are left hanging, waiting for so our release...


What’s interesting with the 'Hanged Man' card is that the man looks quite capable of getting himself out of the fix he's in with some conscious thought and planning.

If you look at the distance between man and ground, it doesn’t look like he will plummet to certain doom, just get a bit of a graze and learn not to be so silly in the future.

As to whom tied him up, I feel this is unimportant. circumstances leading to him being tangelled up in the web are more important and ways of escape are also important.

To me it represents stayed opinion, not giving ground in a situation, not seeing the wood for the trees.

Indecision of a plan of action , not following the path you know that is correct for fear of it going wrong.

Just my thoughts.


One of the practices was to hang a young virile man from a tree and slit his throat, so his blood would go back to the mother, ensuring fertility and continued harvests. It was an honor to be chosen, to these men willingly sacrificed themselves for the greater good of the land and the people, the Lord and Lady.


A sacrifice. I can understand that. It could also explain the bindings, then. Perhaps that is part of the ritual necessary. The body is weak? In Christian beliefs, they hammered his hands to the crossbar, even though he knew he wasn't climbing down. And the young virgins had their rituals before going into the volcanos.

Surrendering is harder. If I do not expect anything from others, then their actions cannot be in opposition to my wishes?

The apples in the tree. Does that have to do with the tree of knowledge? Can he use them to eat after all that time? Or is it part of the harvest scene? It's really hard to wait to harvest.

This is the first bump in the DruidCraft deck I've come across. I just can't get used to the idea that he is bound and gagged. Thanks for the many opinions...Hh

ana luisa

I happen to love this card. it is quite clear and straight forward. I almost always read it as a sacrifice. Imposed? Sometimes, but not always. Most of the readings show a 50/50 situation. what I also see is that the man is being forced to "reground himself" by looking at the earth, the roots of the problem, getting his eyes and brains back to nature. It is also a lesson in humility, but not a negative one; humility in the sense that you stop being on the top and let the world speak to you for a change. No wonder he has his mouth covered. (Some people only listen to their own voice...) And this "return" to the call of nature will help you immensely in your journey forward. I never quite liked the 4 he makes with his legs although I know there´s a very complex meaning related to it. Basically, it is a card of forcing yourself to make some compromises, to change some set ideas, and to forget about the fruits and notice where the tree comes from (basis/roots).
I hope it makes some sense...


Hi analuisa

It makes more than just 'some' sense. Which is also probably why it is so hard for me to get a grip on this card!
"Some people listen only to the sound of their own voice". LOL

I think the Hanged Man is very much like his numerical counterpart, The Lady, #3. There isn't much he can do but hang in there till fruition. And any pregnant woman knows that! Whether it's the birth of ideas or babies, there is a necessary sacrifice..
Thanks for helping me understand this card better


We need to remember, that the Hanged One, wherever we find him - and especially in the Tarot is The archetype of Odin / Wodan /Votan from the Viking pantheon.
The Vikings warred, traded and subsequently settled in most places in central Europe and also brought their language and their gods to England settling permanently in 850 in Hastings......

Odin is associated with acquiring wisdom ,- through his 2 Raven Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory) through wandering the lands and through hanging upside down bound by one leg from Yggdrasil the Tree of Life for 9 days and nights, sacrificing one eye to the Serpent of Wisdom who lives in the roots of Yggdrasil and from her receiving the Runes and the Power of writing and divination......
A powerful archetype like that was quickly incorporated into all different believe systems and although damned by the church, the hanged one and his Powers to receive messages in trance brought this esoteric wisdom into the Tarot where we find him among the earliest cards, nicely dressed, hanging by one leg from the tree......

I am sure there is tonns of info on Odin / Wodan on the net from many different sources.
Druids bdw predate the Vikings!



Sometimes, not of our own choosing, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation~ and willingly make the sacrifice.



For me, the hanged man is that point you get to where, you realize the only thing you can really do is wait, and why worry while waiting? So, rather than fretting about it, you just place your cards on the table and wait. you can find other things to consider, many things deserve considering, so there you go again...