Druidcraft Study Group - Prince of Swords


The Prince of Swords is clothed all in blues. His helment & ornate shield are golden as is the clasp on his cape. He looks to be shirtless, but wears long pants & shoes. His steed wears a golden ornate face plate with "horns" coming out from the center. The horns curl back like a goat's. It looks to me like they're charging dowhhill - you can't see the horse's front hooves. He has his sword drawn & raised ready to take on whatever comes his way.
Whoa, Mr. Intensity! The Prince of Swords reminds me of a bird of prey with his meal in his sights. I think he goes out "loaded for bear" because it doesn't occur to him he can accomplish his goals in a more subtle manner. Sometimes diplomacy is a better way to go as opposed to just automatically going in for the kill. I see him as the type to show off his intellect. He doesn't realize it's sometimes best to keep your greatest weapon in reserve for when you really need it - don't tip your hand - take them by surprise.
In more leisurely times, when he's not involved in a battle of the wits, I'll bet his mind is just swimming with all kinds of ideas for the betterment of his family & tribe. He could be a young "mad scientist" & get very caught up in his own head.


There's a lot of metal covers on this card: on the head of the horse, the helmet of the prince, and the enormous shield he is holding.
The prince is partly hidden by the shield, but the parts of him show intensity and assertivity: the tense muscles in his arm, holding his sword ready for battle, and the very intense look on his face (the face is so well drawn !)
If he is vulnerable at all, he knows how to hide it behind his shield.


I'd also say he's well trained in battle as he has a tight rein on his horse while holding his sword up & perfectly straight with seeming ease. Maybe he's not actually wearing armor or chain mail b/c he's so confident in his reflexes, training & past experiences on the war field. I'll bet he has quick synapse - a lightning fast mind!


Ahhh.....I wish you could scan the card for me to see!!!! I am almost giddy with anticipation,- my Druid Craft is in the mail and making its way all the way down here to me, I just can't wait!! It should be here any day! But in the mean time.....hmmmmmm....well, if any of you have the time to scan and post, then it would make me immensely happy!!!!




Cielo your wish is my command ;)


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Hmmmm the sword appears to be coming right out of his brain.


((Majecot)) You are an angel! Thanks a lot!!! :):):)

Awww he is beautiful indeed!!!!


The blues in this card are beautiful.

I love the crystal clarity of the blue sky in this card. Contrast it with the dark blue of the Prince of Pentacles and the violets and yellows of the Prince of Cups.

The breasplate and the blanket of his pony are a lovely turquoise colour and turquoise stones are set into his shield: I think this links well to the throat chakra (makes me think of it anyway) showing that he's a good communicator. He loves a good debate but he has a tendency to rush in; sometimes feelings get hurt.
He's really hurtling towards his goal isn't he? He looks like he's charging forward. I think he'd be quite a scary adversary.

Can't help feeling that both helmets and shield are a bit over the top.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why the metal gear is so elaborate?


Sulis xx


I get two contradictory thoughts with this card. One is that he is the attacker, charging forward, and the other is that he is on the defence. I see him perhaps hiding behind all this elaborate armor.

The sky is absolutely beautiful, these really are nice cards.


I've just ordered this deck but its going to take a while before I have it. Checking out the study group I see the cards are being scanned - wonderful - I can anticipate and participate.

I love the blues in this card - full on communication here . When I looked at the goat's horns on his shield my first thought was he's not afraid to rush in and butt heads with anyone.

I also agree with goddesscarlie in that he is also defensive - blue is also the color of water - he communicates but not well when it comes to expressing his feelings - he protects them.