Colors and Symbols - Prince of Pentacles

crazy raven

I love the uniqueness of this card, especially the turquoise that seems to envelop and reflect clearly in this card. I've tried to find as much as I could on the symbolism of this card. Any other thoughts and ideas would be most welcome to us all.

Looking up the color turquoise, it is represented by the Planet Jupiter and corresponds to Venus and the Moon. Turquoise was sacred to Hathor a.k.a. Lady of Turquoise and Sopedu, patron of the mines.

In the book “The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talisman” by Henry M. Mason, Mr. Mason talks of Stonehenge and the great talismanic color wheel which is associated with the equinoxes and solstices. He remarks that the color associated with key times to Stonehenge is turquoise which is the color of the Vernal Equinox, or Spring.

Mr. Mason quotes in the book….”Stonehenge is an astronomical observatory that is designed to mark the solstices and equinoxes…..there are two equinoxes: the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox…..we know then that there are four times a year we need to be at Stonehenge. We are not alone in that knowledge. Modern-day druids and people of many religions converge on Stonehenge at these times.” Mr. Mason also remarks that we can honor these times and of Stonehenge through meditation/visualization, without actually being there. Although he says that there are 4 talismans for the seasons, there is a 5th, which creates with the other 4, and thus forms the pentacle. The pentacle was associated with Moon goddess Morrigan in Celtic lore. It is also associated with Venus.

This is a great site on Morrigan who was said to take the shape of Raven over battlefields as Chooser of the Slain

And this site talks of the color turquoise and its link to Jupiter as well as the planet Venus and Moon.

As said in the above site on turquoise, it is a very spiritual color. I also see the Prince of Pentacles as a very spiritual card. I believe that each and every living thing from stones to plants, plants to animals and animals to human beings have their special place in the cosmos. I think the Prince of Pentacles is opening himself up to these special ‘energies’, vibrations or cosmic gifts. In color healing, turquoise acts as a sedative, calms the nervous system and the mind.

Turquoise has to do with honest communication, speaking from the heart, and understanding what you say must not only be true but worth saying. Turquoise is said to be the next color to the next heart chakra energy. It balances the dark cold days of winter with the new warm days of Spring. Turquoise renews mental abilities, courage, protection and manifesting spiritual qualities on the earth plane. It prevents accidents while horseback riding.

I believe the horse helps us to connect with the root chakra, solar plexus and heart chakra. It teaches and radiates bodily strength, control, devotion and love. A friend of mine whose child is severely handicapped takes him on a reqular basis, horsebackriding. It has been proven handicaps are able to regain some of their physical control by a long and intense contact with a horse. By riding a horse, a contact is created between the nervous systems of the two individuals, whereby the physical control and strength of the horse can be transmitted to the rider. We saw this play out beautifully in the movie AVATAR.

I think the Prince of Pentacles may not be all that intellectual but he is probably highly skilled as a blacksmith, farmer or some skilled craft, where he puts his ‘mark in nature’, not by dominating it but by allowing his own ‘inner nature’ to bloom. He is slower than the other knights yet Fire is harnessed within him. Perhaps this card suggests we need to get back to the ‘roots’ of something and that root may be a sense of empowerment and connection to all that is. :)


Hi crazy raven..
had to look this card up. hadn't even noticed how much turquoise there was. I'd always thought it was water.. like he's climbed up the cliff from the edge of the beach. There's so much in this deck!
I was drawn to the symbols on the bridal and the chestpiece of the horse. It's the gold and green common in the pentacles. If they're metal, they're probably made of bronze, as you mentioned that metal before. Do you know anything about the symbol on the breastplate? It seems to be a continuous knot. :)Hh

crazy raven

Hi Horace,

From what I've discovered, the symbol on the horse's breastplate is called the Triquetra. Triquetra in latin means triangle or three-cornered. This site is absolutely wonderful in regard to Celtic symbols.

It says
To the ancient Celtic mind, it may also signify the lunar or solar phases. This conclusion is made as we see the trinity/triquetra motif alongside other solar and lunar symbols in ancient remants and archeological digs.......

Validating this theory, we know the Celts honored the Great Mother, a lunar goddess who was actually three personifications in one (three lunar phases and faces of the goddess).

In Paganism it is said to be the symbol of the Triple Goddess and of the god Odin. It is magically associated with the number 3 and the 3 Goddesses (Maiden, Mother Crone) I also read the triquetra could also be 'the intertwined domains of earth, ocean and sky. This symbol was later adapted by the Christians as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Green is the color of harmony, stability and balance.

Hope that answers your question Horace :)