The wheel (X) - Druidcraft deck

ana luisa

I would really love to hear your opinions on this simply gorgeous card! It´one of my favorites by far. The first time I saw it I noticed that it differs from most decks because it shows the lady "making" her own wheel. The turn is really up to her. Also, she´s using sand or very thin soil to do this so, eventually, with time that wheel will be gone and she´s make another one.However, I just get confused sometimes because it reminds me a lot those circles of protection used in rituals and where , for some ceremonies (exorcism being one of them) is lined up with candles. Is the lady stepping out of it or is she going to sit in the middle , cross-legged and stare into the cave and wait for her inner self messages? Is she going to use the pendulum she´s holding for guidance? Is it going to help her get more centered?

Mystic Leo

I totally agree with you Anna Luisa this is another gorgious
card in a great tarot deck.

This is how I see this card...the lady is using the magician's
wand to mark her wheel in the sand. The beach is symbolical
of a place of transition between the physical/material and the
spiritual. The cave is associated with the theme of death/rebirth
and the beginning into life's mysteries. Of course the circle is
symbolical of ending and beginning of the cycle.

This THE WHEEL card is as you say a very different card to
other decks that I own anyway, and one I also enjoy very much.


I hadn't thought of the sands as transitional, but now it makes lots of sense, the tides come in and go out, rise and fall, this too shall pass and is only temporary.

I like the thought of a protective circle, of creating your own boundaries and even making your mark because the time is right, these circumstances won't be here in this same way again. Often it means to me... don't cross this line or you are messing with fate.

Interesting how it's just in front of the entrance to the cave... of protection, of mystery, of solitary confines... so in some ways, it's almost like coming out into the sunlight and defining yourself.

I don't know what the pendant means... but it reminds me of a dream catcher or of the rays radiating from the sun. I like also that she is using the Magicians wand... that she is in charge of herself, her talents, her destiny in one sense and doing what she needs to ensure her future.


The artist of Druid Craft Tarot says somewhere that he´s fond of the 19th century pre-Raphaelite painters (=Waterhouse, Rossetti..).
This card reminds me very much of a wonderful pre-Raphaelite painting called Witch by William Waterhouse. I think this may be where he got his inspiration to the Wheel card..

ana luisa

Hi Hemera,

Thank you so much for sharing this painting. It is Awesome!! It does relate to the Wheel card. Kinda makes me want to create a deck using those paintings...


WalesWoman said:
I don't know what the pendant means... but it reminds me of a dream catcher or of the rays radiating from the sun. .

The pendant is an Octagram -- a WHEEL of regeneration.
and the upper arm bracelet is the Celtic Spiral of Life(wish I would remember its gaelic name...)
The whip at her side shows she knows discipline


I think the whip is a bit scary.. I just wrote about it to the DC Priestess thread,too, because she also has a whip.. The whips make me think of those self torturing Christian monks. The whole concept of such discipline towards oneself is somehow against my religion..


here's an image of The Wheel card:


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