Druidcraft Study Group - Prince of Swords


He wears a cloak of squares which suggests stability. He is in shocking motion, preparing to strike. His position is flawless. He has studied extensively, and I believe he is very well educated. He doesn't take needless chances in battle. He wears his helmet, carries his shield, and looks right where he must strike.

He is not cocky, but he has earned his renoun and will show it. He's not afraid to show off a little, after all he is a very well qualified young man. He has all the passion of youth, the benefits of a good upbringing, the intelligence of schooling, and he's detail oriented. I don't think he has mastered the art of stillness yet. He moves so fast that his horse cannot fit on the card completely. The hooves are below the card border, but it looks like they're all on the ground. He is connected with the earth through his speedy steed, and he isn't about to stop moving now. This is the crucial moment, he prepares to strike. Whether he is really in battle or drilling, he has a target in mind and will hit it. I think this young man would spend a lot of time practicing his technique, and he wouldn't shy away from doing it in full armor to make sure he is prepared for battle. His sister seemed almost shy about her sword, he is her opposite. He is empassioned and motivated while she is aloof and dreamy. He has the passion of one beginning something rather than coming through towards the end. He is not mussed, he is charging in, eyes blazing. Perhaps he will be worn out after his fight (or drill) is done, but right now he is fresh and motivated.



I get the feeling that this is either his first real battle, or a training battle that serves as a test. He comes over very eager to me, and thus probably not thinking straight. He has this need to prove himself, and while he is well trained and a good leader, he can also be careless and cruel just to reach his goal.

It apprears to me as if his horse and him are just jumping over a small wall to suprise the enemy they had been waiting for. Here it is the horse who has to completely trust the rider, and it does.

This young man will more often than not act without thinking first, yet whenever he takes the time to think things through, his superior interlect will grant him success.


What jobs do you think this Prince does as in what is his career?