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So we have the world card s/he has a " rod" in each hand one is silver the other is gold. There is no explanation in the book what they are for.

Also this card seems the most Alchemical in the deck even more so then temperance card.

I love the art work in this card the vulva s/he is dancing in is all Celtic knot work but the design looks different on top. does anyone know the significance of this?


Celtic knots


I'm glad that you have been making so many posts in the study group. I'm going to have to start checking it more frequently. I've been looking into the Celtic knots. It seems like the general "scholarly" consensus is that there is no known definitive meaning behind different Celtic knots. Some sources say that meaning has sometimes been attributed to them, but that it varies from tribe to tribe. However, the triquetra (the triangular design that is used in the vulva, except for the top and bottom) has been used quite often by Pagans and Wiccans, which given that this is the Druidcraft seems the best place to start. The triquetra has been used to symbolize body, mind, and soul OR land, sea, and sky OR the triple goddess (maiden, mother, crone). All of these seem to work with this card. I couldn't seem to find any meaning attributed to the other designs.

Dancing Bear

I have to agree with you Celestine, regarding their Knotwork..

I agree it is the most alchemical card..

with the gold and Silver. I can only guess here, going by their Art works, Urns, Plates, Jewellry designs etc... they used both Gold and Silver as generously as the other, and neither were valued any more than the other, both of equal value.. So maybe it denotes the balance of both male/female Gold/Silver earth/sky etc etc... if you know what i mean..

Dunno about the change in knots, maybe for the artist he had a reason for it, but as you say it does not mention anything in the book... The first thing that came to my mind was Infinity... I know it is not exactly the same symbol but you never know, for me that fits LOL!! Or it is just how he had to make the knot , to make the entire design into that oval shape, Dunno!! just guessing here ??


Thank for the comments !! I where that exact same knot as my only jewelery( safer then any thing else in corporate America) I was thinking the silver and gold represent the male/sun and silver moon/woman.

Dancing Bear

I can most definately see that Coyote black... like the way your mind can work ;)


Druid Craft The World

First Impressions:
In my opinion this is the most alchemical card in the deck the visica pisces is meant to represent the womb we come out of but with twigs and Celtic knot work it reminds me of the saying/prayer as we come out of the earth so must we return.
I get the impression the vulva also has the same significance as new grange did in the sun and rebirth cards.
The gold/silver rods seem represent the Sun/Male Moon/Female. The combination of woman and man in one being plus everything else just screams completeness! This is the great rite of alchemy.
Also this is the hanged man turned around so he is finally done waiting! The glow on top of the beings head reminds me of the Qabalah Ain Suph Aur in fact this being just might be the tree of life.

Element and Number:
21: Breaks down to 3,in general the 3’s are about synthesis. The 3 card is the Lady this card also relates to the Hanged Man. I think the Lady finally gave birth and it is world ,the hanged man if finally done waiting all this together is end result of creativity.

Earth: Unlike the earth in the minor arcane I think this earth is more about the end result, bottom line. In Qabalah the earth is the bottom of the tree closest to us in this realm. I feel we use the other 3 elements to create things and this element is the end result.

Meditating on the card:
Usually I get images or a conversation in this card I got a sense of completeness feelings of joy and of letting go of life’s problems for a bit.

Putting it all together:
This card is about now is the moment of power the 2 beakers the feryfylt was mixing come out to this. A new baby is borne and it is the world. The Earth and all the other images form completeness the end result. The number 3 the silver and gold are telling us the synthesis is complete Also in Alchemy silver is passive and Gold is aggressive. The way this card brings Qabalah, Alchemy, the elements and numbers al together in one of the most astatically pleasing cards is a cornucopia of joy to behold.

The Good the Bad and the Indifferent

Good: Completeness, joy, Satisfaction.
Bad: Focusing to much on the end result and not living in the moment
Indifferent: Now is the Moment of power


Out of This World

I think being complete in this world, we must begin
to explore what's out there. I mean within ourselves.
Just like the being stands above bigger than the world
beneath it's feet, we must look at the bigger reality.
The existence of the other planets, looks like it's within
reach. And the meaning of these...


what is alchemy?

Hi everyone

I am wondering what alchemy is exactly. And also why is silver passive and gold aggressive?
Coyoteblack had mentioned this when studying the World card in the Druid Craft deck.

Any input would be helpful

crazy raven

Hi everyone

I am wondering what alchemy is exactly. And also why is silver passive and gold aggressive?
Coyoteblack had mentioned this when studying the World card in the Druid Craft deck.

Any input would be helpful

The way I see the World card, alchemically, it is a dance of energy, matter and consciousness, a return to a place of amniotic bliss a place we've also called the void or the cosmic womb. The celtic knots could represent the 'stuff' we're made of, sophisticated energy waves and patterns knitted into an alchemical emblem of silver and gold known as perfection. It is the fusing of silver and gold or the moon (passive) and sun (aggressive) (2 and 1) or male and female energies into one.

It is said that there are four 'base' alchemical elements: intuition (fire), thinking (air), feeling (water), and sensation (earth). Balancing the four functions means achieving an integrated personality, harmony and well-being. To do this we must undergo a symbolic process of the union of opposites, which is what alchemy is all about.

Edward Edinger says, "The fixed, settled aspects of the personality which are rigid and static are reduced or led back to their original, undifferentiated condition as part of the process of psychic transformation," i.e. back to a state of 'innocence'


eye colour

When I looked at the face, the first thing that jumped out at me was that the eyes are 2 different colours. The eye on the side with the golden wand is lighter and the eye on the side with the silver wand is darker. Actually, it looks like there are subtle differences in the other features as well. The golden side has straighter hair, a straighter mouth and an angled eyebrow while the silver side has wavier hair, a mouth that turns up at the corner and a straight eyebrow. Interesting that silver is the "feminine" element because the silver side of the face looks more feminine. Does the gold, or masculine, side have a slightly more muscular upper arm and thigh and a smaller breast or is that just the angle?

This person reminds me of a chimera. Not the mythical creature, but a person with 2 types of DNA in the same body. Such people occasionally have 2 slightly different coloured eyes or are intersexed (the book mentioned that this person is a hermaphrodite).