Justice Druidcraft 78 weeks

Physical description
A woman in shades of blue sits on stone. She has a sword in her right hand with a pair of bronze looking testes as its hilt. And balanced scales in her left. She has an owl under her sword arm perched above a den and a spider to her left in a bush
First impressions
I did more reading and re-reading for this card than any other by far. The sword is the air symbol with the testes on its hilt it takes about a testament also it takes a set of brass balls as the saying goes to do what is right. The scale is balanced justice and also weighing all possibilities. The owl sees through the darkness and I think in this case sees through lies and depict as well. The spider weaves a web ,sometimes fate is shows as a spider but it also shows the inter connectedness of everything.

Mode , Element , Number
Mode : why are we going through this situation ? What led up to it? What is the root cause?

Element: Air; Both the communication and intellect aspect of this suit come in to play here, conflict as well. we need to communicate al the fact and think about it , but also we need to make a decision or understand what circumstance we are in sometimes because of conflict of ideas or communication.

Number 11 enumerates into 2; choice, balance, decision, also she is like the High Priestess because of the secrets, the answer is not always up front but we have to search the hidden meaning

Talking with the card
I asked what was in the den
She said “ the un known possibilities”

Putting it all together

I think this card takes more twists and turns then any card before it. First it is about fairness, balance, reasoned decision. Also using your head over emotions and taking the time to see what a decision will do because once we make it there is no turning back
Also when we are immersed in a situation and we need to better understand it or get out of where we are at. we need the balanced scales to see our part in it. Also what led up to it. It is real hard to objectively look at something when you are part of it.

Good: Decision time, make a just and sound decision based on research and considering of all the information, combined with understanding we can make a informed decision. Also if we are in a situation we like o rnot consider what led up to it this card is not about what happened now but the history of it and what it will lead to.

Bad: Making a rash decision. When stuck in a problem blaming other’s when self searching is needed. Also not being able to decide at all the sword can be a scalpel to cut away problems or a killing instrument. This can lead to incision

Indifferent: this is the karma card.

Dancing Bear

Good interpetation Coyoteblack...

I see the spider also as weaving our own webs, like taking control and responsibility of our own lives, making those right judgements.. Owl as you say is seeing those barriers, seeing beyond the surface,, the den as you see it I automatically thought of the rune Uruz, Strength.. dont ask why LOL!!!
and the feather on the ground I see as a gift, to picked up if we choose.. the scales I see as obvious Balalnce, and the sword for communications..Blue I also see as a communication colour and the purple cloak I see as seeing beyond the surface aswell, and psychic, intuitive etc..

11 for me is The Master enlightener,Illumination (birthing and anchoring the new)
energetic, perceptive and inutitive, psychic abilities..purpose to bring Illumination and elightenment....

2 for me is also intuive, balance and sensative, quiet and caring..the natural peacemaker but can be a little shy, but holding back on talents a little...and still seeking the balance in some areas..

so both have wonderful qualities and neither are better than the other to follow, It just two would be a be more private in its quest where as 11 would be trying or wanting to share ... again the choice

I do like both numbers and how they relate to the card.. and i think it would depend on the reading and the surrounding cards on what one I would go with...

Just thinking out loud here ;)

DB xx


Love your interpretation DB the master illuminator and feather=gift thing I am defiantly going to borrow.


I see the feather as relating to Ma at and communication.


I think the feather is from the Fools cap, as stated in the book. The Fool, would not feel at home in Justice at all, taking time to consider, weigh the options, making balanced decisions; nope, the Fool saw his limitations here and got out as quick as he could. The feather fluttered down as he escaped.


I hadn't noticed the feather. TY for brining it to my attention.

As far as the spider is concerned, I'm trying very hard to come to good terms with spiders as they terrify me, however....

I feel that in addition to the mentioning of the spider showing we weave our own web, when showing up in the card of Justice, the spider may be a tiny reminder of what we do to the web we do to ourselves..we are all connected. It may be necessary to not only try to do the right thing, but to really examine how our decisions will affect others. Maybe that goes without saying, but I know in my own experiences I have often been so sure I knew the right thing to do, that I didn't always take into consideration how my actions or words really affected others.

This card is for me a reminder to be sure I'm not only fair to myself, but fair to others.



The first thought that popped into my head when I saw this card was, "it's Athena!" Somehow this Greek goddess has made it to the British Isles...

The qualities that Athena represents include wisdom and justice.

Athena was born fully-grown, already wearing a robe and a helmet.

The owl is her animal.

The spider is Arachne. Arachne was a mortal woman who was a skilled weaver. She dared to challenge Athena to a weaving contest. Her tapestry was beautiful, but it mocked the gods by showing their misdeeds. Athena was angry at Arachne for daring to challenge her and for insulting the gods, so she touched Arachne's forehead and filled her with guilt. Afterwards, she hanged herself. Athena took some pity on her and brought her back to life as a spider. (Don't mess with Justice!)