DruidCraft Study Group - Queen of Pentacles


DruidCraft Study Group - Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles has taken to her thrown at sunrise when she can be alone with Nature and enjoy it before everybody else wakes up. Just behind her she has the company of another early riser - the Hare. The bottom of her thrown has a bull carved into it on each side. She’s dressed in earthy green and vibrant red.
Hare/green = regeneration/abundance
Bull/red = sexuality/passion

The Queen has one foot placed upon a stone. This further emphasizes her solid earthy nature. I love that she’s using a bone to strike her drum. It’s so practical, yet unusual. No thing is wasted. Maybe the hide of the animal is what was used to make the drum. She knows how to provide for herself and her family from what’s around her.
One danger would be spending so much time and energy taking care of others that you neglect yourself. You have to take care of yourself so that you’re able to care for others, if that’s your driving force!


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I just love the way she looks so much like the Princess of Pentacles.

She looks really motherly as well.

I like the way the artist has included snowdrops in the picture - linking Pentacles to the North and to winter.


Sulis xx


It's nice to see the Queen of Pentacles with a musical instrument. I don't know anything about music theory but drums look like an earthy instrument to me - the basis, the backbone of the music.
She is not sitting straight or rigid (she may be moving a bit with the rhythm of her music) but she still has both feet grounded because she has one foot on a stone.
Her clothes are not as luxurious as some of the other queens but they are comfortable.


The bone she uses to strike the drum..."make no bones about it" and maybe dancing to the tune of her own drummer as parts of this personality and what to make of this Queen.

She's another one of the figures with large feet, maybe to convey, she's got firm footing, knows where she stands on issues...even tho' she is seated.

So this is late winter/early spring...when life is just waking up...perhaps that is what she is drumming, summoning spring...waking it up with her rythmns.

I also noticed that the symbols on her throne look like a music glyph...can't think of what they are called.

Was thinking with the pentacle behind her head, it is her concern for mankind as well as the physical, sensual and material nature of this suite.


Does anyone feel like this is too much earth? I know some people see the queen of pentacles as water of earth but this lady seems to bee all earth. Is she all that different from the princess?


A bit more

My previous post about this queen was very brief so I've been taking a good look at her.
This is what I've got:

The first thing that strikes me when I look at the Pentacle Queen is how approachable she looks. She's definately the lady I'd go to with my problems.
The Queen of Cups looks dreamy and like a priestess, the Queen of Swords looks like she wouldn't stand for any nonsense, the Queen fo Wands looks fiesty but the Queen of Pentacles has that 'mumsy' look about her.
I'm also reminded of the Empress by the way she's sitting; one leg slightly higher than the other (a mirror image of The Empress).

It's either dawn or dusk. The sky is a gorgeous dark blue with a golden glow on the horizon; very much like the sky in the Prince and Princess of Pentacles.

The hare is a Goddess symbol and represents fertility and early spring.
Snowdrops bloom in the foreground and the tree behind her has no leaves - it is winter but I think it's more likely to be the time around Imbolc when winter starts to turn into spring. I'll have to check out the book - it has the cards placed around the Wheel of the Year.

She plays a drum. I think this shows that she's in tune with the rythms of her body as well as being in tune with nature, the planet and the universe.

Her bare foot rests on a stone: She's well grounded.

Her throne is intricately carved and looks very sturdy. She likes fine things that are good quality, she also likes things to last.
The bulls carved there link her to the astrological sign of Taurus.

In her red and green robes, playing her drum she looks passionate and sensuous yet she also looks nurturing and kind.
I'll bet her feet are cold though without any shoes :)


Sulis xx


I like the groundedness issue in this card. Not only can it be seen by the fact that her foot is resting on the stone, but the hare represents groundedness too! Interestingly his other messages include 'listening to your instincts' and to be 'quick thinking'.

The bone also symbolises returning to the Earth. You can almost feel the 'rhythm of life' in this card. Wonderful!

I pulled this card yesterday as a daily card and couldn't make head nor tail of it for the whole day. It is only this morning when again reflecting on the card that I remembered that I had got up at 5 a.m. yesterday for some unknown reason, so I was an early riser too! I spent the whole day feeling 'out of sync' with my body and my life. Strange.


What I like about this queen is she is comfortable in her own skin, she's not beautiful in the classic sense at all, but pleasant, no artifice about her. What you see is what you get, but I think she sets the beat and tone and may expect others to dance along to her rythyms.

I'm wondering if the big feet could symbolize dominance, since they seem to draw your attention and now the thought of them dominate my thoughts. Seems like the cards with big feet in them make me focus on the darned feet first, then look at everything else. Would that be pre-dominate, as in predominant traits, big appetites of the physical nature, big footsteps to fill, more in touch with earth and cycles and more grounded in it? LOL I'm wondering if this is the most common question the creators of this deck get... "What's with the big feet? " <:(

I know this is a bit of a rehash, but it's sort of a word association thing happening.


I like what I've read here - particularly about the rythms of her body and the rythms of the earth, which she links through the drum.

She looks like someone cosy and kind, one of these women who always has a tin of biscuits and a cup of tea ready for people who, inevitably, drop in to see her, drawn by her calm good sense, her non-judgement. Many children of the neighbourhood are among her visitors because, whether she has children or not, she is a natural mother.

I find her very sensual - one foot on the new grass (in February, in England!) - one on rock. I love the touch of grass and rock, so when I first looked at this card I could feel them under my own feet.

As ever with the DruidCraft, I'm enchanted by the depiction of nature - from the slow-spreading dawn, a smile on the face of the sky, to the snowdrops, so delicately done, a contrast to the earthy woman on her solidly gorgeous seat. The hare, looks startled and watchful - as Sulis wrote, it is the symbol of a goddess (which one?) - fertility of course - but I also think swiftness, which seems to suggest that when this woman wants to, she can move fast and get things done.

Then there is the drum. Shade mentioned that she thought this card too earthy. I see the other elements united in the drum. It starts in the earth - hide of a cow or a goat, which is then tanned in a vegetable liquid by the river; the new leather is dried in the wind; finally it is fixed on the drum frame and stretched over fire. The drum is the peaceful equivalent of the sword in its association with all four elements, and I like that they've made it this Queen's attribute.

The drum is also one of the attributes of the shaman. It is to its rythmic beating that a shaman reaches a trance state and sets off on her journeys. Has the Queen gone outdoors alone at dawn, au naturel, to commune with spirits, with the invisible? After all, this drum has a pentacle drawn in its centre. The hare would then be her animal spirit guide. Perhaps nothing on this card is exactly what we think it is - like Jewel-ry's out-of-sych body yesterday ;) (maybe the spirits woke you, Jewel-ry, and called you up early).


I like her. She's your mom, your loveable aunt, your neighbor, your best friend. She's the most accessible of all the queens. She bears no signs of office, just her robes, her throne, and her practicality. On her throne is either a boar or a bull. Bull represents (besides Taurus) potency and benificence. This reminds us that she is a productive queen. She gets right in there and gets things done. She is also not unapproachable. The benefactor of her people and her family, she tries to nurture all the important needs of those around her. The hare, normally a shy creature, approaches to investigate her drum. He is inquisitive and a symbol of rebirth. He reminds us that the winter is passing on to spring, a time of affluence and growth. The snowdrops place the date near Imbolc, I believe. The sun is starting to noticeable regain its dominance over the darkness of winter.

Our queen has instilled in our wee little princess the importance of always being prudent, of considering one's actions, and pondering the fundamental importance of things. She has taught our prince that he should be diligent, always protect his heart, and be genuine in all things. Both of her children are very deep and insightful. They spend time connecting to their world. As mother, she is the most natural of the queens. Though our cup queen is a great mom, comforting her children and teaching them how to deal with their emotions, this queen is the universal mother. She knows the difference between discomfort and genuine dispair in her children. She has strengthened their spirits by knowing when they should be indulged and when they must be "grounded." I would guess that her young court members are the best behaved. They are not prone to impetuousness or rebellion. They aren't boring by any means, but they like to know their path and that it's a good one before they start things. Deeply earthy and reflective, she has instilled strong values in her children.

Her bodhran (drum), the heartbeat of the land, and its bone tipper make me think that this woman is interested in contributing to the world around her. She is making music. Her instrument is one of foundation for the other instruments. Though the whistles and fiddles play without her, the music lacks something without her beats. It is not an instrument of glory, it is one of simplicity and necessity. She is no nonsense. The family is affluent, but she doesn't like to put herself above others. She would rather see us all as equals with the same things to lose and gain. She has a sense of how fast things can change and tries to be aware of the shifts in the world. She is a great observer and anticipates the needs of those around her.