DruidCraft Study Group - Queen of Pentacles


Special in more than one way

I am a mere beginner when it comes to the Druidcraft deck so please bear with me, but having read this thread as best as I could I noticed that my discovery hasn't been mentioned before yet (at least so I think).

Have you seen the resemblence between the driver of the Chariot and the Queen of Pentacles? I have been over these two cards a long time now, checking out the faces and marks and such (since, obviously, her clothes are different) and I can conclude nothing else then that the Queen is driving the Chariot. How about that for taking a deck into new and special directions?

In a sense, but its too early for me to back this up with examples, I think the court cards may very well be a driving force throughout the whole deck. Which is also what makes this deck very special indeed.


I beat the drum
The wind, the rain
The heartbeat of the Earth
I beat the sound
Death and renewal
All that you've ever heard

I beat the song
Of life and death
Go with the flow of it all
I beat the rhythm
The dance of life
Of creatures large and small

If you find me
On my throne
Listen to what the drum spells
Of you and me
Of all our lives
Is what the drum tells


She's Brigid, whose festival is Imbolc and to whom snowdrops are sacred. At her birth she rose from the earth with the rising sun, which we see rising again behind her. The Hare is a symbol of springtime and an emissary from the Otherworld, Imbolc being very much a time when the border between that world and this is thin. Brigid is not a goddess to cross, though. Do so and you'll regret it. Is that bone she's using to play her bodhran a reminder of that? Is it all that remains of someone who got on the wrong side of her?!


I don't know that I have much to add after reading all that's been written. If she is the same person who is in the Chariot, might she also be the same person in the Strength card? I don't know that any of them are the same person, but perhaps from the same family.

I do feel in this picture that the night sky must have some significance. In all her ability to be loving, nurturing, etc, I feel that she knows things others may not see. She is aware of all her senses. This is the feeling I get from the sky. Somehow, she has the power to shed the light of the new day on the mysteries that may have occurred in the night, thereby helping those who come to her for advice.