druidcraft tarot - 6 of swords


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I have thought of another card that I need help to describe to me, the 6 of swords. In this deck I don't know about it, MissCW, can you help?
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To me, this card looks like it could be a still out of a movie. The two main characters have overcome their battles and are on the last leg of their journey returning to either home or a new safe haven. They have been victorious (why would just two people need six swords? I assume they recovered them from their fallen attackers). The girl seems younger than the man and has a smile on her face that says she's proud of herself. The older man's face tells me he's seen the heart of war many times and is becoming wary of it. The hermit in the back, to me, seems a kind soul helping them - perhaps because they helped him. Maybe they saved him from a torturous tyrant who was holding him captive and demanding the hermit to teach him magic or to submit and be his personal magician? At any rate, neither of the other two people seem to be afraid or cautious of this hermit guiding them along.

The contrast in the colors in this card can be reflected in the two main figures, as well. The green of the still water seems a bit dark and dreary, and the man in the boat wears a cloak of the same shade. I feel this relates to his mood. The girl, on the other hand, wears a cloak of the same color as the sky - a vivid orange. It's a peaceful and calm sky, no dark or menacing clouds. It reflects her face, to me.

I just love this deck. I am new to tarot in general, and this deck gives me such great imagery to work with.

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In the Druid Craft Tarot it reads

There is respite. The conflict and difficulties so often associated with the suit of Swords have either ceased or are in abeyance, and as a result a pathway is opening us which offers you comfort, solace and the promise of renewal. If you have not considered a retreat or holiday, now might be the time to plan for one. You may well have felt trapped or weighed down by difficulties or by stress, but taking a journey will help to you gain perspective and find healing.

In numerology 6 symbolizes the union of feminine and masculine. it also represent the many facets of our personality and the need to look both earthly and heavely. It represents Balance.

In this particular card a boatman (Charon?) guides a boat along a river (River Styx?) with a man and woman aboard. The woman (inner child?) wears a *burnt orange cloak with three swords resting on the left of the boat. The man is clad in **dark green with two swords on his left and in his right hand one sword pointing downard. In the background it almost looks as if there is a forest fire Orange) which lights up the sky with the same color. The water I don't see quite see as murky....within its darkness there is greens, blues and turqoise within it.

I'm not sure the sky is peaceful. There is a fire burning in the background representing the loss of old energy (possessions). This is a time that you cannot embrace anything from your past....this is about moving forward into something new...your instincts and spiritual assistance are guiding you. You're on a mission and danger, pain or sorrow cannot and is not to interfere. For now, you have gained freedom and power from facing your fears. It took every ounce of courage you had but you did it...overcoming great odds! Your vision right now is on the future.

This card could also indicate moving into a higher consciousness, a quantum leap so to speak....it's just that you aren't aware of it at the time.

(*burnt orange could indicate suppressed fears, disorientation and even a shock to the nervous system. It can also indicate someone who needs the support and reliance of another at this time.)

(**Male energy is more prominent in this card. Green is a deep-rooted color and is representative of the grand sequoia tree, also known as Guardians of the forest. These trees have been around since the dinosaur age. Fire does not damage these trees...they are almost inflammable to fire except their tops or 'crowns'...which eventually will grow back in due time.)


I like that the girl in the boat looks calm; the man next to her looks more concerned, and I have to say that the one in the hood creeps me out. I think the lighting in this room is affecting the way that I'm looking at this card, because I usually find it to be relaxing.

The water appears to be calm, and only stirred by the boat and oar, as they move through it. I'm not sure if the setting is a sunset or sunrise. Either way, it looks strong, but more fiery in this light. Five swords surround them in the boat, and the man holds one in front of him, the tip towards the bottom of the boat, but ready to use should it be necessary. The man in the back is still bothering me. I suppose this reflects my own state of mind, not trusting that something good could be around the corner - or I've watched too many scary programs in which someone is always bringing trouble. ;)


I feel that they are moving towards something better, with the man in the back of the boat leading them to the better place. The girl does look pleased and looking forward to the journey. The man next to the woman does take on the appearance of someone who has seen more in his life and is aware that everything isn't always rosy. He appears protective and on guard, even though he seems calm at the moment. The fiery sky is behind them, indicating they are leaving a stormy situation, and the water here appears calm which could indicate the worst is over- for now.